Trigun Maximum by Nightgow
Summaries by Sumeragi, September 2001

Volume One

Chapter 1: Hero Reborn

Wolfwood finds himself in a seedy-doesn't-describe-it town with no way out for the moment (the bus gets blown up). He enters the bar, guns instantly raised to his face. After a tense moment, the bar goes back to normal and Wolfwood gets to talk to the bartender. Apparently the blonde hair legend, Vash the Stampede has been harassing the town. A moment later, a longhaired man carrying a girl barges into the bar. They also get the gun welcome until the men recognize the duo as Eriks and Lina. The bartender is curious as to the reason for the rude entrance. Lina declares her right to get back at the guy who fondled her. Suddenly, a stout man with a cannon for an arm and a large footprint on his face shoots a cannonball through the bar. In the building, one of the men points out Vash the Stampede on top of a tank-like vehicle. He's holding a man hostage, claiming the person told him the girl went into the bar and the guy while die if she doesn't come out. The stout man starts counting from three, and stops at 1 when Eriks steps out with hands up. He asks for the stout man to understand that Lina is just a twelve-year-old girl. The reply is given with a cannon blast landing near Eriks. He wants the girl to come out. Eriks bows on all fours, begging them to leave without killing anyone. Vash the Stampede agrees to do so if Eriks would strip and bark like a dog. Despite the protests from Lina, Eriks takes off his clothes, surprising everyone with his mutilated body (Wolfwood just glares somewhat knowingly). He then barks and pants like a dog. Vash the Stampede smiles and calls for everyone to leave. While they go, however, Vash the Stampede fires at the naked man behind him. Lina goes out to help the fallen man, but she is captured by one of the gangsters on a motorbike.

Eriks is taken to the hospital, and the doctor isn't too surprised to see him. In the hallway, Wolfwood gets rough on a couple of guys who ridicule what Eriks did (sacrificing his pride for a life). In the surgery room, the doctor is shocked by Eriks' wound: his body pushed the bullet to the surface by itself. An old woman by the name of Shiel enters the hospital, worried about Eriks. When she finds out that Eriks should be okay, she goes for the shotgun on the wall so she can go after the legendary "Vash the Stampede". The men try to stop her, and she complains that if she doesn't do something, no one will. Meanwhile, Wolfwood goes up to the unconscious Eriks and claims to want to help out. He stares a moment at the still body and then slaps the man. The doctor pulls at Wolfwood's mouth, asking what the hell he thinks he is doing with the patient. The nurse then calls in surprise since Eriks is conscious (with sparkles in his eyes). Eriks asks for the doctor and nurse to leave him and Wolfwood alone.

In the private room, Wolfwood says he has been looking for him over the past two years, calling Eriks by his true name: Vash. Vash explains to Wolfwood that he doesn't remember the exact moments of the fifth moon receiving a new, large crater, but he is certain he was the cause of it. Thus, he decide to live with a new name, new form. Wolfwood takes out a "gift" wrapped in bandages and hands it to Vash. Looking at his long lost gun, Vash thinks about how much he has loved this life style. Wolfwood tells him that someone has to do the dirty work, or others will end up crying.

The doctor and whomever enter the room to find Vash and Wolfwood gone. They left a note saying they went to get Lina back -- just the two of them.

The twosome walk calmly to the gangsters' base. Wolfwood releases the straps of his cross, ready to fire the large gun. True to his nature, Vash tells him not to kill anyone. Wolfwood says that would be too risky. Vash argues saying, " 'Thou shall not kill.' What kind of priest are you? Always…" And the gunfire begins. Moments later, Wolfwood lights himself a smoke as they eye the fake Vash the Stampede who is currently holding Lina by gunpoint. The fake Vash asks the other two if they know who he is. "Vash the Stampede," he says. Wolfwood ends up on the ground laughing. Vash plays deaf. The fake Vash ends up yelling his "name" and completely looses his cool. Vash shoots the gun out of the imposter's hand and then shoots the man. "This is a chance meeting. I have the same name." Among the men groaning in pain, Lina runs up to and hugs Vash.

Chapter 2: Lina

Town members go to the gangsters' base. They can't believe that two people were able to cause such destruction by themselves. A man in the shadows listens into their conversation.

Lina is in her room, remembering the day she found Vash in an alley. Despite his appearance, she still asked him if he was okay.

Downstairs, Vash and Wolfwood are chowing down on some food Shiel made. Wolfwood tells Vash that he wants to take him somewhere. The final destination isn't known, but he wants Vash to go with him. It's the reason he had been searching for the man these past two years. And then they fight over a sausage. Wolfwood asks Vash if he has heard about a town called Kalkasas. About six months previous, in one day, all of the citizens disappeared. The military searched the town finding no one and no evidence of struggles. The only odd thing they saw was a man's name written in red on the town's monument. Knives. Wolfwood tells Vash that Knives has begun to move and something should be done. Vash asks who Wolfwood is, and how he knows about Knives. Wolfwood doesn't really answer, and tells Vash that he has three days to give him an answer.

Men at the bar are surprised that Eriks turned out to be Vash the Stampede. Afraid of the legendary gunman, they decide that he should be forced to leave town. Lina walks into the room and all talk stops, but she knows what they were talking about despite the friendliness of the bartender.

Vash thinks to himself that if Knives is really on the move, this town would be in danger. Shiel sits with him, knowing that he is deciding to leave. He doesn't wish harm to come to Lina and Shiel. Lina hears this and plants her heel into Vash's head. She runs upstairs, thinking about Shiel cleaning the severely scarred body when they first took Vash in. Lina knows he lives a dangerous life, but she doesn't want him to go.

Wolfwood comes to visit, understanding Vash's "girl problem". Shiel has accepted the fact Vash will leave, and she tells Wolfwood to take care of this "boy". Vash then tells Shiel to hurry inside. The stout-cannon guy has returned, calling for the dog imitator. When Wolfwood begins to uncover his weapon, another man appears behind the little guy, and the stout man tells Wolfwood to wait his turn. He threatens Vash with the idea that he can't dodge since the bullets will end up hitting the house and possibly the people inside. Vash advances anyway. The stout man shoots his cannon gun. Vash kicks the speeding ball, sending himself cartwheeling past Wolfwood and into the house, and then he shoots the stout man's cannon-gun arm, forcing him to knock his backup man unconscious. After a moment of silence, Wolfwood calls the whole thing "absurd". Vash threatens the stout man, making the little guy run away for his life with his unconscious partner.

As Lina cuts Vash's hair, Wolfwood talks with Shiel. She says that they (Shiel and Lina) probably always knew in their hearts that Vash would one day leave them. She always felt he wasn't their kind of people, and that he somehow lived in a different world. Although he is leaving, he shouldn't believe that he is without "family". Wolfwood apologizes for taking Vash away. Meanwhile, Lina is thinking of the past two years with Vash. She finishes the hair cut and wraps the blanket around herself to hide her face. Vash hugs the girl and thanks her. She tells him that she thought she would protect him, but it turned out the other way.

As Vash leaves, he thinks how he'll never forget the times with Lina and Shiel. "Thanks… and now this is goodbye"

Chapter 3: Girls Bravo!

October 10th of year 0110, time 16:07 at Juneora Rock. Meryl and Milly witness the creation of the fifth moon's latest crater.

February of year 0113. Meryl's fellow workers wish her a happy birthday. Some are amazed at her young age of 23, meaning she was 21 while following Vash the Stampede. A female worker, Karen, gets angry with the guy who mentions the incident, saying that Meryl went through a lot following a dangerous man and she has to put it behind her. Meryl disagrees, defending Vash. Meryl is then called into the main office. She is shown a picture recently taken of a man. She easily identifies him as Vash despite the sight change in hairstyle. Thinking the man had died years ago, she is shocked to tears by the picture. Keel is placed onto the assignment of finding Vash, and Meryl is left off the case. Later, she offers her reports on Vash to Keel, but he knocks the papers out of her hands and tells her she was worthless before so to stay out of it now. At her desk, Meryl hears from a fellow worker that Keel is a man with military skill.

Keel arrives in the town where Vash was last spotted. He finds Vash in Hotel Ann. Knocking on the door, he introduces himself as Keel Baldo from Belnaldery Insurance. Vash replies from inside that he got here quite fast. He asks why the uneven girls aren't there. Keel says he is working in place of Meryl Strife. Vash tells Keel he's opening the door. When the door handle moves, Keel steps on the petal of his suitcase, which throws his gun into air for him to catch. He fires at the partially opened door. With the door sufficiently dead, Keel barges into the room, only to have Vash grab his gun. Vash admonishes the man for being too rough, and he asks if Keel is really an insurance agent. Keel lets Vash have the gun and gets a machine gun from his suitcase to fire at Vash. The blonde dodges well enough, but then Keel runs away leaving a couple grenades behind. Vash dives out of the building and lands into a topless car and onto the woman in the car. Keel aims to kill despite Vash's pleads to not shoot. Vash is injured while protecting the woman. Wolfwood appears and saves Vash from more gunfire. Keel changes his position to the rooftop for a final sniper shot at Vash. Meryl appears, recognizing this as Keel's idea of "risk management". Keel distracts the woman and holds her at gunpoint, congratulating her on figuring it out, but it's too late. Meryl thinks to herself about Karen warning her that a woman can't be happy in such a situation. She kneels down and says out loud that maybe she has been acting foolishly lately. Keel replies that she realized that too late, and he is about to fire. Meryl disagrees, and says he is the one who hasn't realized it yet. While he is confused, Milly shoots her stungun from a building across the street and sends the man flying.

In the hospital, Wolfwood and Vash overhear that they are bringing Keel in. Vash warns Wolfwood to not be violent, and the priest (with the most frightening smile I've ever seen) says he understands. He walks up to the group surrounding Keel, whose face it extremely bloody from his several meter, concrete face plant. They ask the broadly smiling man what he's doing there, and then ask what he is doing with that. "That" happens to be a bottle of Tabasco sauce, which happens to get poured on Keel's face. The screams are heard across town.

Meryl decides for now to not join up with Vash again, saying that the day they should meet will come someday. Instead, Meryl and Milly head for the bus stop, on their way to New Miami for a week vacation.

Chapter 4: Hero Returns

Didn't we already have a title like this?

Chapter 5: Dancing Revolver

Hai, hai, Vash is a bad ass.

Chapter 6: Sin

No comment...brain freeze


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