Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi

Volume 8

It's the morning after Tonami meets an angry/jealous Arima.  At the school entrance, Tonami attempts to talk to Arima, but Arima passes by without Tonami getting more than a "um...um..." out.  Yukino comes up from behind to ask Tonami where Arima was.  At the sight of the girl, Tonami jumps in fear and bolts down the hall telling her stay away.  Thinking about the kind Arima he knew in middle school, Tonami feels he has wronged Arima.  Tonami begins to wonder who is the "real" Arima: the frightening person from the night before or the kind person he has always known.  He looks out the window and sees Arima and Yukino together.  He then realizes that Arima has true emotions for only Yukino.

In another room, Arima is helping Yukino with a box she was carrying.  With him kneeling, Yukino grabs the chance to give him a hug from behind.  She has decided they don't have enough "skin-ship" time.  After talking a bit, Arima asks, "Do you want to be with me?"  Yukino replies the affirmative.  A dark-ish look comes over Arima.  Yukino says that she notices that Arima seems to be a different person sometimes.  Arima asks if it's strange or scary.  Yukino shakes her head.  Meanwhile, evil Arima taunts Arima, saying he's afraid to be betrayed by Yukino.

Later, Yukino meets with the gang to work on the play.  Aya walks in looking very stressed.  She is trying to meet a deadline, but the pressure is just too much.  Right about when she is about to snap from writer's block, Yukino suggests going outside for a break.  On a grassy hill, Aya gets struck by inspiration.  To the side, Yukino talks with Maho.  Yukino wonders out loud how much Arima likes her.  Of course Maho at first glares at Yukino for a seemingly stupid question.  Yukino goes on to say how much larger his world is compared to hers.  She also knows he would be kind and let her depend on him.  While it would be nice, she doesn't want burden him.

Back at the school, Tonami watches as Asaba and Sakura talk to each other about the wonders of beautiful girls.  Tonami, jealous at how close Asaba was getting to Sakura, confronts the two and calls Sakura "Ba---ka".  Of course, Sakura ends up chasing him and knocking some sense into the guy.  Sakura then walks away with Tonami following a short distance behind.  He begins to wonder why he kissed such a manly girl.  As they walk upstairs, Sakura is startled by a butterfly and falls back against Tonami.  He suddenly realizes that the girl he knew from middle school that was bigger and strong than him was now thin and weak compared to him.  He pushes her down and walks away.  What has started as a need for revenge has turned into love. 

The gang is meeting once again, and somehow the topic turns to breasts.  Yukino, trying to prove herself, forces Maho to feel her breast.  Just at that moment, Arima opens the door...and closes it.  Without missing a beat, the girls continue talking.  Outside Asaba tries to get Arima to explain what's wrong.  Back to the girls, Maho gets a call on her cel phone.  After whispering a bit, she loudly tells the person on the phone to "definitely not come!".  The person was Maho's 28 year old boyfriend.  This turns into a conversation about everyone's guy.  Suddenly, a snoozing Tsubasa wakes up...and jumps out the window (they are on the third floor).  She is caught by a startled Kazuma.  The other girls run down the stairs and are introduced to Kazuma.  Asaba and Arima (after recovering from the earlier episode) show up , and Yukino et. al. watch on expecting a fight between Arima who has always treated Tsubasa like a sister and Kazuma who is her recent step-brother.  The tension quickly dissolves into an air of "love" with Arima and Kazuma appearing to be two people who have known each other for a long time.  

Tonami, who is picking on Sakura every time he sees her, remembers the past when Sakura would pick on him while protecting him at the same time. Apparently, at the end of the school year, Tonami asked Sakura why she looks out for him. While he was expecting some relatively romantic answer, she tells him a teacher told her to watch over him. At that moment, Tonami's world was shattered. When his family moved to Okinawa, he began planning his revenge on Sakura. He got into shape and became an excellent student. But as time went on, he realized that through all his efforts, he had somewhat isolated himself from world--he was alone. All he wants now is for Sakura to see the real him.

While Tonami is outside, Sakura throws some money out the window at him, asking for him to get her a drink. As they stand side by side, Tonami watches her, and when their eyes meet, they kiss. Sakura then asks him why him kisses her. She continues to say she doesn't think he's a bad guy. He askes her if it's possible that she likes him. "Yes" she replies. He first makes sure that she understands that friends don't kiss (aka not friend "like" but "love"), and then hugging her, he confesses his love for her.

In the hallway, Tonami sees Arima walking towards him. He tries to tell Arima he didn't mean to hurt him and that there's another person he likes. But Arima continues walking past Tonami as if never hearing a word. To a retreating Arima, Tonami says he thought he was Arima's friend and he wants to be forgiven. Arima doesn't reply.

After she met with the gang to try on costumes for the play, Yukino went to take a nap in an empty room. Arima finds her and watches his sleeping beauty. Suddenly she wakes from a bad dream, scaring the both of them. After talking a bit about the culture festival, Yukino tells Arima how she realizes that studying isn't as important anymore. Thinking about the future, she thinks their love for each other will grow. Arima is still amazed that she loves him despite knowing the "real him". They kiss.

Next day, the weather begins to look bad with a taifun warning. Tonami tries to talk to Arima again, but utterly fails. As he stands in the rain, Yukino comes up to him talking about the problems the taifun is causing. With a fearful look on his face, he tries to get away and then sees Arima coming up right behind him. Tonami looks at Arima with dread, Arima stares back without expression, and Yukino stands there clueless. Arima lets out a sigh, and after drying Yukino off, tells her that Tonami would probably be able to help her with the box she was carrying. Tonami, with tears streaming down his face, agrees to help out.

Tonami later goes to try and catch Sakura alone. He finds her sleeping in the library, and instead of watching her fondly (a la Arima), he slaps her awake. After a short jabbing session, Sakura asks Tonami why isn't it enough that love each other. She doesn't want to be chained to him. She thought he wanted the same thing.

Due to the intensity of the storm, the students are told to go home. Arima walks Yukino safely home. Once there, Yukino's mother (Miyako) and sisters convince Arima to stay and "be the man of the house" since Yukino's father (Hiroyuki) had yet to come home. While Yukino takes a bath, Miyako serves Arima some tea to warm up. Looking at her, Arima realizes that he is looking at a future Yukino and blushes. Yukino then comes in to tell Arima the bath is his. While he takes his bath (along with Pero Pero in his own little bath), Arima imagines a young Yukino living in this house. Arima, since his clothes are still wet, is forced to wear Hiroyuki's "Child Love" shirt. Later, Yukino realizes how much different her sisters treat Arima compared to Asaba, with Arima already appearing to be an older brother.

Finally, Hiroyuki returns home drenched to the bone. After trying to force his daughters to give him a hug, Hiroyuki notices Arima (in his shirt). Arima offers to go home, but Hiroyuki refuses to let him go since the rain and wind are still coming down strongly. Arima is thrown into apparently horrid PJs (I'm guessing this by everyone's expression) and the two guys of the house share a room. With the lights out and after a few moment of listening to the rain falling on the roof, Hiroyuki asks Arima if those were his real parents. Surprised, Arima says no, but how did he know. Hiroyuki replies that he didn't live with his real parents either. He also says that Arima is trying to grab onto happiness through Yukino. Hiroyuki then deverges from his serious mode saying that he thinks Yukino probably sees her father in Arima and that's why she likes Arima. Thinking to himself, Arima discovers there is peace in this household. A place where "he" (the evil Arima) can't get in.


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