Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi

Volume 7

Yukino meets Arima on the way to school.  She tells him about her 1 hour karaoke jam session with her family the night before.  When Arima asks why only an hour, Yukino gets a dark look on her face, declaring that she had to get ready for the first test of the new semester.  She runs off announcing that she will be number one.

Yukino and Arima run into Asaba, who has gotten a very dark tan over the summer break.  Arima and Yukino can't believe how irresponsible he is.  The trio go to meet with the other girls.  A rag session ensues with Sakura commenting that she can't believe Arima and Yukino are still together and then Asaba tries to get Arima to feed him.  Talk turns to the culture festival that is coming in about two weeks.  Arima and Yukino are dreading a repeat of the sports festival where they did too much to enjoy the events.

In another part of the school, a new student is introduced: Tonami Takefumi.

As class representatives, Arima and Yukino announce to their homeroom about the upcoming festival.  Yukino first tries to avoid any responsibility, but when Arima mentions the possible prizes for the first place winners (one of which being copies of class notes from a Todai University student), Yukino's competitive spirit kicks in.  At that point, Asaba comes in announcing his class's idea of the Asabin Dinner Show.  Everyone, understanding Asaba's attractive powers, begins to panic.

Rika is told by another student about the new guy in her class, Tonami.  While Rika recognizes the name, she can't place the name with his face.  Rika tells Sakura about the new student.  She says she's surprised that two people from the same place can have the same name since this Tonami looks nothing like the Tonami that they all knew.  Sakura gets depressed about not getting a second chance at harassing the real Tonami.  Aya warns Sakura that Tonami might come back for revenge some day.  Meanwhile, Tonami stands on the roof saying to himself, "I want to see you...Sakura Tsubaki."

Yukino tries to fight against the council approval of the Asaba Dinner Show, but she fails.  Later, Arima and Yukino are talking about the culture festival and the dinner show when Yukino mentions how they are alone.  Arima shyly asks Yukino is she was in any pain (from their night together).  Yukino says she's fine, and that she's very happy.

The next day, the girls are together when Aya finishes the play she was working on the day before.  She wants Yukino, Maho, and Tsubasa to perform the play for the culture festival.

Tonami thinks about his days in elementary and middle school.  He belongs to a rich family, so money and food were never lacking.  He became a fat boy who was always teased by classmates and never had a true friend.  Back to reality, a few girls get Tonami to show them his class photo from years before.  When he points himself out in the photo (a chubby boy), they think he's playing a joke on them.  Tonami returns to his memories, back to the day he first met Sakura.  While she was able to scare off the boys that were beating on him, she ends up giving Tonami a bit of a beating as well.  From that point on, she would tease him, get food off of him, and force him to do chores of her.  At one point, he tries to hire her protection, but after getting the money, she runs off to leave Tonami to his own devises.  Finally, before he was about to change schools, Tonami asks Sakura why she always followed him.  She replies that a teacher asked her to look out for Tonami so that he wouldn't get picked on so much.  This crushes Tonami, who realizes he meant nothing to Sakura.  It was then he decided to change himself.

Outside, Sakura is trying to make a slam dunk.  Tonami, without a word, takes the ball, shows her how it's done and then leaves.  Rika tells Sakura that was the new student, Tonami.  Sakura says loudly how he looks nothing like the Tonami she knew.

Tests results are put up on the wall, and there is a three way tie for best score listed in the following order: Arima, Tonami, Miyazawa.  Tonami mocks Sakura, asking her where she ranked, getting her to storm off in fury.  Tonami then notices Arima's name and is surprised that they are going to the same high school.  Just then, Arima and Yukino show up.  Yukino gets upset that she's listed third just because of the alphabetical order.  She says she'll have to marry Arima to have the higher ranking (Arima severely blushes at this statement).

Tonami, after seeing Arima, remembers how kind Arima was to him, and that even Sakura wouldn't pick on him while Arima was around.  At gym class, Tonami watches Arima and gets excited about how cool he is.  Then, when Tonami's name is called out, Arima comes over to see if he's the same Tonami from middle school.  Tonami says that's him.  Arima smiles and welcomes him back home.  Tonami, who originally came for revenge, is happy that he is accepted by Arima.

Arima brings Tonami to meet Yukino and Asaba for lunch.  Asaba is at first extremely jealous that Arima could bring another guy with him, but he gets over it (by the command of Arima, of course).  As lunch continues, Tonami watches as Arima is harassed by Yukino and Asaba.  He notices that Arima has really changed.

Tonami catches Yukino in the hall to tell her not to let Sakura know that he is the same Tonami from years before.  Yukino is instantly intrigued and tries to worm out of him why she shouldn't tell Sakura.  He resists and then adds that he can't understand why Arima would want such a strange girl like her.  As they argue in the hallway, Arima watches them from a distance.

Aya is still trying to convince Yukino and Maho to do the play (Tsubasa has already been bribed with candies).  Aya tells the two about the general plot of the play.  Yukino and Maho agree to at least read the script, as long as they don't have to perform it.

Tonami and Sakura meet in the hall and instantly begin to fight.  Sakura imagines the little, cubby boy she knew, and almost asks Tonami if he's that boy.  Sakura stops herself and leaves.  As Tonami continues to stand there, the trio of Yukino, Arima, and Asaba appear.  As they talk, Tonami ends up showing a picture of himself as a boy.  Asaba and Yukino are shocked.  Tonami goes on to say he'll get revenge on Sakura.  Yukino, who always enjoys planning revenge schemes (remember all she did to Arima?), wants in on the action.  Arima looks on quietly as Yukino and Tonami talk excitedly.  Only Asaba notices.

Later, Yukino realizes there is something wrong with Arima.  She forces him to kneel and hugs his head (to Arima's embarrassment).  She tells him, "Arima is the one I like the most."  Arima thinks to himself that she is a genius.

That night, Yukino dreams about the main character of the play that she finished reading just before going to bed.  The next day, she has been officially convinced to do the play...to Maho's distress.  Laying a guilt trip on Maho, Yukino gets her to agree to do the play as well.

To be able to have the play in the culture festival, the girls have to create a drama club, and with the help of Arima and the math teacher (also the consullor who tried to get Arima and Yukino to stop seeing each other) they form the club and get approval for the play.  During this, there is a scene where Tonami runs into Arima in the hallway.  While he acts cheerfully at seeing Arima, Arima responds coldly.

That night, Yukino tells her family about her acting in the play.  They are all very excited for her.  When Tsukino finds out that Sawaki Ayaki (aka Aya) is the author, she gets teary-eyed and insists on Yukino introducing her to Aya.

Next day, Tonami and Yukino meet in the hall.  They banter back and forth, and are observed by Arima.  Yukino then meets with the group to talk about the play.  Asaba joins them saying that he'll lend a hand since all he has to do for his dinner show is basically be there (the rest of the class is constructing the stage, etc.). Arima comes in to drop off a print to Yukino.  He says he'll try to help out, too.  Later, Asaba meets Arima on the roof.  Sitting back-to-back, Asaba asks, "Are you alright?"  In reply, Arima leans back against Asaba and looks up into the sky.

The girls plus Asaba meet to talk about the play (basically concerning memorizing lines and building the set) and are helped out by the teacher.  When the meeting adjourns, Yukino sneaks a look into the kendo club practice, and she is amazed at Arima (first time she's seen him do kendo).  Arima notices her watching and moves over to her.  She gives him a hug, and is instantly revolted by the smell of his uniform.  Arima is a bit insulted by her and pokes her with his kendo sword.  After he gets showered and changed, Arima meets with Yukino to go home.  She gets him to ride on the back to of her bicycle (cute scene when he first puts his feet down to stop her from moving forward...he really has been infected by Yukino).  As they move along, Arima hugs Yukino for support and to be close.

Back at school, Sakura and Tonami battle with words and a volleyball.  He tells her how he hates girls like her.  Sakura comments that a person who constantly declares his hate for someone actually loves that person.  The scene gets out of hand for Tonami who can't have Sakura thinking he loves her.  He grabs her to make a point, but she gets away with a head butt.  Thinking to himself, Tonami decides he has to hurt her the way she hurt him.

The following day (Sunday), Yukino meets with Aya, Risa, and Tsubasa for costume shopping.  A couple of college(?) guys try to ask the girls out when Maho (and her tough girl look) stops them.  The two guys are officially scared off when Asaba appears with his hippie-outfit.  The shopping begins with the girls trying to find Asaba some better clothes.  Later, while talking at a cafe, everyone gets surprised when Maho tries to keep them on track about the play.  Yukino gets home that night, tired and ready for bed.

At school the next day, Asaba meets up with Yukino.  Then Tonami joins them.  Asaba frowns slightly as the other two talk, but he says nothing.

Later, by himself, Tonami walks around school grounds to find Sakura in a tree.  He climbs the tree to join her, but once there, he tries to convince her how much he hates her.  In silence, Tonami watches Sakura as she tries to take a nap.  Then, he leans over and kisses her.  Sakura: Why?  Tonami: I don't know.  They both then realize that that was their first kisses.

Sitting in class, Arima looks at the window to see Tonami talking to Yukino.  When Tonami asks about Yukino and Arima, she tells him how it was Arima who chased her (Tonami refuses to believe it).  She continues a bit with the harassment when she asks him about his revenge.  Yukino notices he seems less determined about following through.  Asaba comes along to greet Yukino, and as the three split up, he walks with Tonami.  He warns Tonami to stay away from Yukino since Arima would become extremely jealous.  He mentions how the Arima now is different from the Arima three years ago, and the only person he is truly kind to is Yukino.  Tonami laughs, unbelieving.  As Asaba leaves, he says, "You don't understand?  That's because you're a kid."

In the bathroom, Arima "converses" with the evil him in the mirror.  Evil Arima asks if he's scared. He taunts Arima, asking him if he really thought he could be happy with Yukino.  He asks what would she do if she knew the real him.  The conversation ends with Evil Arima gently saying, "You poor thing.  You thought you could be happy."

After school hours, Tonami runs into Yukino.  He remembers what Asaba told him, but he can't believe Arima would act such a way because of her.  As he walks alone down the dark hallway, Tonami sees Arima coming towards him. In the moonlight, Arima glares cruelly at a speechless Tonami.  Meanwhile, Arima thinks perhaps the person he believed himself to be is the fake and the other person within is the true Arima.


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