Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou, by Masami Tsuda
Summary by Sumeragi, August 2001

Volume 11

<Beautiful Days>

Shibuhime Kazuma awakens from a dream to find Tsubasa sleeping in his futon. At breakfast, he scolds her sneaking into bed with him. Tsubasa sees nothing wrong with it since they are now brother and sister with their parents marrying the year before. To makeup for it, Tsubasa makes breakfast for him. Their parents observe them, worried about a love more than sibling love growing between them ("who are the newlyweds here?"). Tsubasa and Kazuma leave for their schools, on the way planning on going to an amusement park during their next weekend.

At school, Kazuma is obviously a popular guy (everyone says "Ohayo!"). Despite being the vocalist for the band "Yin And", Kazuma doesn’t act like the typical egotistical idol. He blushes every time someone mentions how great he is and how the band sounds wonderful. The other band members aren’t in school anymore, so when they show up at Kazuma’s school, he is a bit surprised. Of course, these guys probably aren’t the best "role models" for poor Kazuma since they grab him, ask/tell him if he wants to see the sea, and then dump him into the back of the truck. Some girls come up to the truck, telling Kazuma how lucky he is. They also drool over Martin, a guy who looks like he has had too many donuts and, well, just someone a girl would never drool over.

In the truck and on their way to the sea, Kazuma mentions that he had a test to take. Atsuya, who is already a bit drunk, tells Kazuma that he’s so stupid, he would get the same result whether he takes the test or not. When Atsuya passes out, Kazuma asks Martin why the girls were after him. Long story short, Martin (and Joker) change appearance on stage from their normal looks to bishonen. After playing in the sea, Ushio makes a song about the ocean called "Barefooted Yin And". He wants them to do it that night, to which Kazuma looks less than enthused about. At the performance, they scare everyone with their Hawaiian style opening, but everything is back to normal soon enough.

At school, Kazuma is caught dozing, probably due to his late night. He thinks how everything is good in his life: his family, school life, and the band. But even so, he has strange feelings every now and then. He never talks to anyone about it, though. Standing among friends, he feels alone at times. Within his soul, he can hear a voice telling him this isn’t his place.

At a music store, Kazuma runs into Arima who happens to be buying a Yin And CD. Arima praises Kazuma for the CD. Kazuma tells Arima that if he likes the music, Arima has to see them live. Walking together, Kazuma thinks about how since the first time they met, he has felt a kindred heart between them. To him, it looks like Arima feels the same. However, Kazuma is still a bit shy around Arima’s powerful aura and unique beauty.

Kazuma gets home and is instantly grabbed by Tsubasa who asks if Kazuma wants dinner or a bath first. Toshiharu asks if Kazuma is bothered by Tsubasa always jumping on him. Both parents are relieved to him say that he isn’t since he loves cats.

"This is all of my reality. Peaceful, ordinary days of large movements forward that surrounded my world. Soon after I wonder, for what reason did a clap of thunder filled with deep pain and pleasure enter my consciousness and body."


Kazuma gets home from school. Soaking wet from the rain, he decides to take a shower. Thinking he was alone in the house, Kazuma was a bit careless. Tsubasa enters the bathroom to see Kazuma completely undressed and boxers in hand. Only Kazuma yells. Tsubasa is unfazed by the event, and eventually drags Kazuma out of his humiliated mood by offering to make lunch (my goodness, does she always make all that food for him?). Over lunch, they talk about postponing their planned outing since it's being raining the past few days. "If we can't go tomorrow, it doesn't matter. I like being at home with Kazuma-chan." While finishing lunch, Kazuma thinks about how it feels like they've always been brother and sister. Being with the beautiful Tsubasa always makes him feel good. Later, Kazuma's mother calls, telling him that she won't be home that night. When she hears from Kazuma that Toshiharu is stuck at the studio and will also be gone that night, she threatens death upon Kazuma if anything happens to Tsubasa.

Kazuma wakes up sometimes that night, surprised to find Tsubasa asleep on him. After a large meal, karaoke, games, and "dance dance revolution," he fell asleep from exhaustion. Kazuma takes Tsubasa to her room, despite her asking to stay in his room. Putting her into bed, Kazuma compares her to a sleeping princess and gently kisses her forehead.

The twosome wake up the next morning to see more rain. Looks like the outing is off. The doorbell rings and it's the band. "Kazuma, don't you want to go to the mountains?" Atsuya asks with an arm around Kazuma's throat. He tries to get away, arguing the obvious that going to the mountains on a rainy day is rather dangerous and not that much fun. Tsubasa appears at the door to see what is wrong. Kazuma yells for her to run away, but Atsuya manages to grab them both and get into the van. In the van, Martin introduces himself as "the pretty faced brother," earning himself a scratching from Tsubasa. While Martin cries in pain and terror, Atsuya mentions how frightening she is. Kazuma reminds him that they are the scary "brothers" who dragged her to go to the mountains while it's raining when they had planned on going to an amusement park that day. The guys are shocked to learn that the two were going to go to an amusement park together and immediately jump conclusions to believing they were going to have a date (Martin: "Isn't it like a shoujo genre manga~~~ "Under one roof love"~~~). Atsuya assures Kazuma that he'll show them how wonderful the outdoors are.

Once they reach their destination, all of the guys are hit with rain and wind. Shivering and wet, Atsuya puts up a "good" front that nature is grand. He's finally convinced that they will all die if they don't go home. Back in the van, Kazuma apologizes for his strange friends. He asks if she's upset, but Tsubasa just shakes her head. He then asks if she's enjoying herself, to which she nods. Atsuya asks if she ever talks when she isn't home. Kazuma tells him that she's just shy around strangers. The band members laugh, thinking how it reminds them if Kazuma when they first met. Despite Kazuma's protests, they tell his story:

  • Back when the band members were in high school, they frequented a bar where Kazuma had a part time job. One night, Atsuya was in a bad mood, and ends up yelling at Kazuma. Poor Kazuma ends up crying. In the end, the guys end up like brothers watching over Kazuma. At that time, Atsuya was the vocalist. He more yelled than sang. After a show, Kazuma complements the show, and then starts singing one of the songs. Atsuya and Ushio glance at each other and then tell Kazuma that he can do a live show with them. When that night came, poor Kazuma was thrown on stage, his face a mask of pure fear.

  • They finally reach the Shibuhime house, the rain still pouring down. Ushio apologizes to Tsubasa for taking their day off (Sunday). Tsubasa just looks at him and then marches into the house. Amused, Ushio mentions how princess-like she is. Atsuya apologizes to Kazuma and then asks how far has he gotten. Kazuma is simply confused. Being more detailed, Atsuya asks if they've kissed yet. Kazuma is a bit appalled, explaining to them that they, his parents, and friends have it all wrong. Since aren't he and Tsubasa siblings? The guys are shocked. Atsuya shakes Kazuma, wanting to know how he can't feel anything when she says "Kazuma-chan" with love in her eyes. Kazuma says simply that it would be impure. Atsuya still doesn't buy it. Ushio has his typical thoughtful look.

    In the house, Kazuma apologizes yet again, but Tsubasa assures him that it was fine she got to be with Kazuma. He thinks to himself that when he's with Tsubasa, he forgets how shy she can be. He wonders if she choose him as her most loved person. Tsubasa tells him that she'll never marry and he shouldn't either so that they can always be together. As she hugs him, Kazuma has a feeling of being lost.

    "What is calling me? Within the crowd. Above the pattern of a crosswalk. Beneath the overflow of neon. In the subway home during a setting sun. When I sing. Even within my dreams. Stirring within my chest. Something has changed to make me lose my calm. But it can't be said, that I always want to be with Tsubasa."

    <Sing a Song>

     After a show, Kazuma returns to the backstage area for something he left there. He overhears a couple of girls saying that Yin ˇYang aren't very talented. This adds stress to the poor boy, causing him to have a nightmare while sleeping in class. When he wakes up with a yell, he gets the direct attention of the teacher. In front of the whole class, the teacher lectures Kazuma about wasting time with the band and since he's stupid, he should focus more on studies, and so on. The other students in class try to cheer him up, but Kazuma is hit hard.

    The band goes to someplace (a live house?) for dinner. Atsuya talks with some people about Yin ˇYang. All the members are rather excited about more albums after this first release of theirs. Atsuya certainly has high hopes. Only Ushio notices something wrong with Kazuma who seems depressed. Kazuma thinks to himself how these idiots really do look awesome on stage. He wonders why they've let a kid like him join them. He decides to not let this bother him and try hard to get better. Ushio watches the boy, wondering what happened. Outside, Ushio asks him why he doesn't try writing a song. Embarrassed, Kazuma replies that he does have sounds in his head, but he can't bring them together to form anything good. With a smile, Ushio knows Kazuma is afraid to try, and thinks to himself that he can't wait to hear those sounds of Kazuma.

    Kazuma is late to meet with the band, then notices Ushio talking to some girls. He finds out from Atsuya that they are from "Rocky," a national magazine that covers major artists. Atsuya has declined a television interview because "it's too troublesome." The band members walk off while Kazuma heads for the bathroom. Along the way, he overhears the women from the magazine. Basically, they think it's wasteful for Yin ˇYang to bother having a high school aged vocalist and should get someone older. Kazuma runs to where the band is and says that he'll either quit school or the band. Ushio gives him a pep talk that comes down to "don't let others tell you what you can do and believe in yourself." Once again, the guys know how to cheer Kazuma up.

    After a bit of partying, Atsuya carries Kazuma home on his back and the guys go with him. Martin and Joker say how Kazuma's tearful face really hit their hearts. Ushio says they're too sweet to Kazuma, while Atsuya looks frightened at what they said. Ushio and Atsuya talk about how innocent their little Kazuma is, and the importance of his relationship with Tsubasa, the person with whom he can be himself. Ushio goes on to say that reality isn't so pure and that Kazuma will one day see this. Perhaps his being able to sing now is a luxury. Atsuya tells Ushio he has a horrible personality. Ushio assures Atsuya that he'll always stick by Kazuma since he's so adorable.

    Finally reaching Kazuma's home, Kazuma's mother lets the band in. They stink of sake, and she almost gets violent when she suspects that they got Kazuma to drink as well. As she leads Atsuya (still carrying Kazuma) to Kazuma's room, he mentions that she married well. Probably used to them and this situation, she offers them some food, to which they happily accept. Eventually, she asks them if they'd like to try some "executive nectar," to which they also happily accept. Toshiharu comes home to find the "scary band members" and his wife drunk. But once he sees Martin (bishounen mode), he is inspired for a new design.

    Kazuma still hears some bad things about the band, but he's firmly decided that no one will talk him out of singing. It doesn't matter to him if the band becomes famous or not. He just wants to sing. And thus the spring ends with summer on its heels.


     Kazuma's goal for the summer is to write a song. He performs his first attempt to the guys. They are highly amused at the song and explain that it's just not Yin ˇYang style. Despite their laughing, they do show some encouragement for future attempts. Ushio then tells the group about their summer schedule. Basically, they are going to do a whole bunch of live performances while Kazuma is on summer break and school won't be an issue. Kazuma is really excited to start singing. It fills something within his life. When he sings, he has the feeling of his body and heart rapidly changing.

    Meanwhile, at the high school, Maho tells everyone about going to see Yin ˇYang live (she's been a fan ever since the Kyoto trip). Blushing, Arima says that he wants to go as well. Thus, everyone decides to go to their performance, and Tsubasa is somewhat dragged along with the plans. Later, Tsubasa walks with Kazuma and tells him that Arima et al are going to see the group. Kazuma is embarrassed to hear that Arima is actually coming to see him sing (Tsubasa is curious about why Kazuma has a thing about Arima). Kazuma asks if Tsubasa will go as well, and when she replies the affirmative, he tells her that he'll work extra hard for her since this is the first time she'll see the band live. Tsubasa just stares at him. Kazuma begins to sing something, but then changes his mind and stops. As they continue to walk, Kazuma pulls away without noticing, and apologizes to Tsubasa for zoning on her. Tsubasa thinks to herself that she understands what's happening within Kazuma. And within her heart she hates this "song" that has taken Kazuma away from her.

    It's summer time and the live schedule begins. Kazuma lives a nocturnal life, despite his mother's worries. The popularity of Yin ˇYang is slowly growing via word of mouth and over the radio.

    The group finally makes it to a live show by Yin ˇYang. Once there, only Asaba notices Tsubasa looking less than enthused, especially compared to everyone else. The lights go dark and the band is on stage. Miyazawa is really impressed by Kazuma, and Maho is screaming along with the other fangirls. On stage, Atsuya thinks about how Kazuma is getting better every day. Meanwhile, Kazuma has an "out of body experience," receding into a pure white world. Tsubasa watches and notices the "song" once again that calls to Kazuma and takes him away. She leaves the concert, and once again only Asaba notices this. Outside, Tsubasa thinks how much she hates the "song" since Kazuma would choose it over her.

    Backstage, Kazuma and Arima do their almost romantic meeting they always have, while everyone else just stares at them. After some congrats, Kazuma is shocked to find out that Tsubasa had already left. He goes home to see her, but she had gone to bed early.

    Walking around town the next day, Kazuma is worried since Tsubasa seems depressed. He comes across Rika, Aya, and Sakura. He thinks to himself that maybe he should thank them for coming to their show. Instead, he overhears them talking. Sakura was impressed with the show, and says Tsubasa really got herself an amazing brother. Rika mentions how Tsubasa says a lot of great things about him. They continue to say that it's wonderful that after her being afraid of losing her father's love (the whole remarriage thing) and not being chosen by Arima, Tsubasa has now finally found happiness. Kazuma had no clue that Tsubasa had fallen in love with Arima.

    <Sleeping Beauty>

    Kazuma thinks about what he just heard. Tsubasa's heart has been wounded by her father that chose another wife and by Arima who found a girlfriend. While it isn't anyone's fault, Tsubasa is the one injured. Kazuma gets home and is greeted by Tsubasa who tells him that their parents won't be home again that night. Kazuma hugs her and tells her that she is the most important girl to him, and it'll always be that way. Pulling back he says that he may not be good enough for her, though. Tsubasa disagrees and says she's really happy, but she doesn't understand what got into Kazuma. That night, Kazuma agrees to let Tsubasa sleep in his bed, but only for one night. She thinks it's fine since they are siblings, but he still has issues. That night, Kazuma can't sleep. Instead he sits and cries. He has met his "song", and he'll probably leave Tsubasa some day despite his words. He wishes that they had met earlier, long before their parents met, before they knew about becoming siblings, and before there was pain. "My long time as a happy boy ended that night."

    Some time later, Tsubasa and Kazuma go to the sea and watch the fireworks during a summer festival. Tsubasa begins to ask why Kazuma is being so nice, but ends up teased by Kazuma when she can't get the words out.

    Atsuya picks on Kazuma for being out of it lately. Ushio is worried that the summer schedule is too hard on him. Kazuma says that it isn't a problem. Ushio still feels like something has happened since Kazuma looks different to him. Kazuma thinks to himself that he only wants to be with Tsubasa, even though he has connected with his "song". On the way home he buys some ice cream, only wanting to see Tsubasa's smiling face. He gets home to find their parents gone for the night again. He goes into Tsubasa's room to see her, and finds her asleep in her bed. Seeing her face so peaceful and pure, he leans down without thought and almost kisses her. At the last moment he pulls back ashamed, his blood burning.


    The next morning, Kazuma gets back home after sitting outside to think. He comes home surprised to find Tsubasa awake (it's 4am). Her nap the day before made her get up early. She offers to make breakfast and then asks if they should take a bath together. Kazuma just calls her stupid, meanwhile thinking how he's fallen in love with her. He doesn't believe he'll ever meet another girl as important as her, but he's afraid to let himself think of her as a woman. They are siblings, after all. During breakfast, Kazuma spills some soup on himself and Tsubasa goes to clean him up. He tries to stop her, but fails. When the parents come home, Kazuma does a bad "nothing happened" act even though nothing did happen except in Kazuma's point of view. He goes to bed. He wakes up to Tsubasa watching over him (she was bored with everyone asleep). Seeing her, he thinks that surely his heart overflowing. He loves her.

    Kazuma joins the guys while they drink up. They easily guess that Kazuma has fallen in love with Tsubasa (well, the drunks put it as little brother loves his big sister). Sober, Ushio asks if Tsubasa loves him back. Kazuma tells him that he can't let her know how he feels since she doesn’t love him the way he loves her. Walking home together, Ushio tells Atsuya that this should be interesting to watch. Perhaps a song will come out of it. Atsuya leans against Ushio and wonders why Ushio can't admit he's worried about the boy.

    Kazuma walks alone. He thinks how this overflow of emotion is like what he experiences when he sings, but it's pitch black instead of pure white. It's like he is afraid of his own feelings. An image of Arima comes to mind, and Kazuma wonders why he connects this with Arima. Kazuma also feels a "madness" within himself. Tsubasa, who was waiting outside for him, surprises Kazuma. When Tsubasa holds his hand and arm, Kazuma becomes uncomfortable.

    Inside, Kazuma decides to go to bed. Tsubasa is worried about him, and when she touches him, she notices a reaction. She asks him if they can spend the next day together since his live shows are over. Kazuma says maybe, but he isn't sure since random things may come up. Later, Tsubasa goes to Kazuma's room. She asks him if she said anything wrong. He tells her that she hasn't done anything. She doesn't believe him since he doesn't look at her. While he thinks to himself, wondering if she's just being nice or if she really does love him, Tsubasa hugs him. "I'm crazy," he thinks, then pushes Tsubasa away. She looks at him shocked and emotionally hurt. Kazuma can only run away.

    At Atsuya and Ushio's apartment (don't know if Joker and Martin live there too), someone knocks on the door. Atsuya warns the person that it better be important, or he's dead. He shuts up once he sees Kazuma's tearful face. Kazuma asks if he can stay there for a while.



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