Summary of DN Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Summary by Sumeragi, February 2002

Volume Six

Stage 2, volume 9

The volume starts right where we left off last with Daisuke hugging Riku and apologizing to her for being late. Suddenly Riku notices that Daisuke is cold and wet. He lamely explains his state saying he fell into the ocean while looking for her. She gets upset at him, saying she would've been fine in the morning and that she wasn't scared at all. Daisuke asks the reason for her being in the tree, then. She foolishly says because she was afraid of bears. Poor Daisuke tries to hold in the laughter. Holding a hand out to her, Daisuke says they should go back to the hotel since everyone should be worried.

Walking back, still holding hands, Riku and Daisuke sort out the 'Daisuke was with Risa' problem rather quickly. They then lapse into silence, Daisuke worried about turning into Dark (his heart is thumping) and Riku jumps to conclusions that Daisuke isn't talking because his upset with her. Suddenly, Daisuke realizes that Dark is sleeping (he's had a hard night, after all), thus he won't be transforming. More importantly, his current 'doki doki' feeling for Riku is all his. Cute little 'devil' and 'angel' Daisukes pop up and argue about whether Daisuke should take advantage of the situation. Riku lets go of Daisuke's hand, asking if he is upset with her. She admits to her feeling of worry that Daisuke likes her only because she is Risa's twin. Daisuke clears up that confusion with his declaration of love to her and a kiss to her temple. Meanwhile, in the bushes, the Niwa family looks on (except for Kosuke who feels pity for his son), rooting for Daisuke to go further than the chaste kiss.

Back at the hotel room, Daisuke is in zone mode. Saehara wakes him up with a pillow, telling the boy to stop looking like that. Of course, Saehara jumps to the conclusion that Daisuke got some (they're freaking 14!). Of course Daisuke denies any such thing while Saehara says he should tell his friend of ten years all the details. Saehara suddenly gets serious and tells Daisuke that he was really worried about him. He asks Daisuke if anything serious happened. Suspicious, Daisuke digs into Saehara's pants and pulls out the tape recorder there, leaving that as the explanation as to why he won't tell Saehara anything.

That night, Daisuke lays awake, wondering about the day when Dark won't be a part of him. At the beginning he hated his other self, but now, even when Dark is silent, he can feel the warmth of the thief. Daisuke isn't sure if he could stand losing Dark. But since it will happen someday, Daisuke asks himself, what will he do when Dark is gone and he'll be alone. Daisuke's eyes go wide and steps out of bed.

In the hallway, Riku can't get any sleep as the scene with Daisuke runs through her head. She finally decides to go to bed, and then realizes she locked herself out. Suddenly, Daisuke appears. He flashes her a mysterious grin and walks outside. Confused by the boy's actions and silence, Riku follows him to a rocky beach. Riku tells Daisuke how she loves the ocean during the night. Although it's pitch black, it gives off a comforting feeling. Daisuke asks if that means she hates the darkness. He stands up, and turns to Riku. "…Something has been hidden from you. Our secret." Slowly, Daisuke transforms into Dark, the thief telling Riku that he exists within Daisuke. Riku can't handle the scene in front of her, and luckily she doesn't have to as Daisuke's Grandpa gives her a whiff of some "Niwa family sleeping drug". Kosuke angrily grabs onto Dark, asking him why he revealed this when it was too soon for the girl. Dark replies calmly that he wanted it done before the battle with 'him' and before the "corrosion" began. Meanwhile, Daisuke sleeps within the body, unable to hear Dark's words.

Stage 2, volume 10

Before the Niwa family has the chance to understand Dark's meaning of "corrosion", Krad appears. Dark turns to the family, telling Daiki (Daisuke's Grandfather's name…remember it, may never be said again) and Emiko to take Riku somewhere safe. Krad isn't worried that his attempt to make Dark disappear failed, but rather is happy to be able to have payback for the wound Dark gave him. He taunts the fact that their "Tamers" aka Daisuke and Hiwatari will be watching the battle. Dark gets upset, calling Krad's way "corrosion" and that's why he despises him. Krad calmly replies that Dark isn't being true to himself. Dark orders the man to be silent. The two sprout their wings and fight in the air as the Niwa family looks on in interest at this similar 'person' as Dark. A "Tamer" with white wings is supposedly a dangerous opponent.

In the air, Krad is tiring of the lack of fighting and prepares an energy blast to throw at Dark. Dark yells at Daisuke to wake up. He transforms into the boy, and with the wings gone, he lands rather painfully onto the rocks. The blast sends Daisuke flying and he transforms back into the thief. This was a "drastic measure" to wake up poor Daisuke who is now rather confused at waking up in the middle of a battle with Krad. Dark realizes that the next blast from the smiling Krad could hit Riku if he were to move. Dark asks Daisuke to be strong as he produces a black energy to attack Krad. He succeeds in wounding Krad and knocking him to the ground. Knowing Dark's intentions, Daisuke tells the thief to stop. Dark warns Daisuke to not interfere, reminding him that Krad also tried to kill Daisuke. As his power weakens, Dark is shocked by Daisuke's controlling powers, which were never this strong before. Transformed, Daisuke looks sadly at Krad, telling Dark that he can't do it since Hiwatari is his "friend". Krad transforms into a shocked Hiwatari (also surprising the Niwa family in the background). Daisuke smiles at his friend, happy that he turned back. Hiwatari pushes himself from Daisuke and stalks away, replying to Daisuke's questions that he was fine. Dark is royally upset at Daisuke for stopping him, but the boy is firm that it shouldn't involve "Hiwatari-kun". Feeling exhausted, Daisuke collapses.

Stage 2, volume 11

Dark calls to his unconscious "Tamer". Meanwhile, Daisuke envisions a man painting a picture. Noticing the wings, Daisuke wonders if it is Dark. Seeing the full figure, he first thinks it is Krad, but it doesn't seem to be him either as the form changes into Hiwatari. Dark appears next to Daisuke, telling the boy that he managed to call "him" out from Krad. Suddenly, Daisuke is on a mound of items, which Hiwatari calls the ruins of what he has stolen. Daisuke tries to defend himself, but Hiwatari makes the valid point that he is just continuing the line of thieves in his family, selling his soul. Falling from the pile, Daisuke turns into Dark and continues to say, "it's not like that." Hiwatari does nothing but stand and watch.

To the repeated calls of his family, Daisuke wakes up. Finally, he asks the question of the hour: "What are you doing here?" Emiko does a pathetic cover up of them being on a family outing that just happens to be at the same location as Daisuke's school trip. Before the argument goes much further, Daisuke notices an unconscious Riku. He demands to know what happened to her, and he is not happy with what he is hearing ("She was drugged?!?"). Finally, Kosuke steps in to explain everything to Daisuke. When Daisuke finds out that Dark revealed their secret to Riku, he asks Dark the reason for it, but the thief is silent. Kosuke asks Daisuke if he realizes why he collapsed. During the fight, Kosuke felt the magic Dark used to defeat Krad. This power most likely is drawn from the human host. In light of this, Daisuke realizes Dark feels like a parasite. He revealed himself to Riku since if she accepted the two halves, Dark would disappear and Daisuke wouldn't have to be affected in the battle of "White and Black". Daisuke tells Dark that this isn't a matter of "corrosion" or even "control" but of "coexistence." Dark tries to argue, but Daisuke insists. He is about to ask a favor of Dark, when Riku starts to wake up. They start to panic until Kosuke suggests a solution.

In the morning, Riku wakes up yelling that Dark's true form is Daisuke. Risa tells her sister to wake up and that there's no way her Dark is Daisuke. Riku asks how she got back into the room, but the other girls tell her she never left. Realizing she has no memory of coming back into the room and putting on her sleep clothes, Riku accepts the idea that it was all a dream. Especially since it'd be ridiculous that Daisuke was actually Dark. Risa tells her twin that they're leaving in ten minutes, otherwise they will leave without her. Running after Risa for the key, Riku ends up locking herself out. Daisuke and Saehara show up, finding Riku by her door. Riku asks Daisuke if her could get the door open for her, and with his skillful, "No way I could open it. N-no way, no way, no way, no way," Riku is convinced that it was a dream that Daisuke was the legendary thief. Saehara states the obvious: "You two are strange." Meanwhile, Daisuke flashbacks to the stressful night before when he carried Riku into the room and Emiko changed Riku's clothes.

On the ferry back, Emiko attempts (as always) to get Kosuke to be romantic, much to Daisuke's dismay. But standing with a smiling Riku, Daisuke decides that someday he will tell Riku his secret.

Riku and Risa's Side Story

While cleaning their room, Riku finds a teddy bear. Risa pops in talking about wanting to go shopping when she sees the bear. She recognizes it as Riku's beloved bear, a gift from their grandmother. And so the flashback begins (note: everyone is younger)

From their grandmother, Riku is handed a teddy bear while Risa gets a stuffed rabbit, both really happy with their presents. Walking home, Riku is hit with a soccer ball and the bear goes flying into a gated front yard. Assuming him the cause, Riku batters a young Saehara. Daisuke shows up apologizing. Then a butler appears and takes the bear away, not hearing the girl's cry for her bear back. As it just so happens, the mansion is known for being a haunted house, well according to Saehara. Riku starts to cry over her loss. Risa first tries to convince Riku that their grandmother will buy her another one. When that doesn't work, Risa hands over her bunny saying a lady doesn't need it anyway. Daisuke watches as the twins walk away hand in hand.

That night, Riku decides that her bear is probably sad. Plus, she knows Risa loves the bunny. Riku leaves her house and heads to the mansion. Getting there, she sees Daisuke trying to open the gate, but he is too short to reach the latch. He starts to walk away, making Riku a little bothered by how easily he gave up. She is surprise to then see Daisuke run forward and jump over the gate. A short time later, he comes back with bear in hand and jumps back over the fence. He sees Riku and gives her the bear, telling her to run for it. After confirming it's her bear, she turns to thank him, but the boy is already far off.

Back to present times. Risa mentions how she never found out how Riku got the bear back, and Riku is still not telling. She realizes however that the boy looked a lot like Daisuke, as well as the other boy had looked like Saehara. She decides to ask him about it later, knowing that if it is Daisuke, he will listen to the story without laughing at her.

Second Hand of Time, Vol 1

The girl's "time" had stopped
---in exchange for my "time"…

Daisuke and Dark have caught a rather bad cold. Lucky (?) for him, he has both his mother and Tou-chan to look after him. Yes, Tou-chan is now the Niwa family maid. Daisuke finally decides to go to school with a mild fever (about 99oF). While Daisuke is on his way out the door, Kosuke accidentally drops some cards from the second floor. Picking up the cards, Kosuke tells Daisuke to watch out for cars and beware of strangers (sorry, just found that amusing). Daisuke notices a card that had found its way into his front pocket and returns it to his father. Going out the door, Daisuke collapses again, making Emiko worry if he can really handle the job for that night. Kosuke looks at the card Daisuke gave him - the Dark Queen, the card of ruin.

Finally reaching school, Saehara congratulates Daisuke. But once he finds out Daisuke is sick, Saehara runs off before explaining why Daisuke is being honored. Other class members inform him of his role in their class play. His role in the story of Ice and Snow is Freedert, the heroine of the story. Daisuke tries to refuse, but due to the unanimous vote of the class, he has no room to argue. He huddles in the corner with the realization that even the girl he loves (Riku) wants him to play the heroine. Daisuke isn't comforted by the fact that Saehara is playing a village girl. According to the female vote, the hero of the play "Eliot" should be Hiwatari. Saga Keiji makes his grand entrance at this point, informing the class that he's entered the school for a week. His lackey is also there, although Funabashi prefers to be thought of as a private secretary. He reveals his idea to the class that "Eliot" should instead be Dark. The class loves it, while two people get the real irony of it (Hiwatari playing Dark, that is). Saga seems to know something, but he doesn't show what.

Before things get even crazier, the art teacher calls Daisuke out for a moment. He hands Daisuke back his painting, which apparently didn't place in a contest. The teacher assures Daisuke that the painting is good and there's always next time. Riku catches Daisuke leaving the room and asks to see the painting. She is obviously impressed, never expecting this of Daisuke. She asks about the blue shadows instead of gray, and he explains about it being the moment between afternoon and night, an evening that no one has seen. Riku listens and watches Daisuke while she thinks how this is the first time she's seen him like this as he talks about his painting, essentially talking about himself. He continues to say it's a place where time has stood still, there is no sound, and yet the snow continues to fall. Riku smiles as she begins to see this world Daisuke has created. He realizes that he's been talking somewhat strangely and apologizes to Riku. She instead asks what he is going to do with the painting. He replies that it's been rejected, so he hasn't thought beyond taking it home. Riku asks if she could keep it then since she really likes it. Blushing happily, Daisuke says that if she wants it, she can have it. He begins to ask something along the line of wanting to do a portrait of her, but Saga interrupts before he spits the words out. Daisuke, within good reason, acts frightened of Saga, to which Saga is offended. He then informs Daisuke that they are going to his place to hang out. Riku walks off, unhappy with Saga, but cheered up slightly by Daisuke's promise of meeting the next day. Alone, Saga mentions to Daisuke about Dark's warning for his 9 pm attack for that night. Everything of the Klein Church has been loaned to museums, so what could Dark want.

Already in the church, Hiwatari talks to himself, "The Second Hand of Time…Also known as the Guardian of Time."

Second Hand of Time, Vol 2

Saga with his man Funabashi have made their way into the Niwa house, Saga enjoying his fifth helping of food. Daisuke thinks back to when they first reached the house, and he had to tell Emiko that he had classmates over (aka get the damn traps out of the way). Daisuke is rather impressed with the way she has handled herself with the guests. Nearing 9 pm, Emiko mentions that Daisuke should do his homework. As Daisuke wanders off, Saga is determined to discover that Daisuke is Dark and he follows. Daisuke informs him that he is going to the bathroom, and while Saga asks to join him, he is denied (Funabashi: "Pervert"). Daisuke comes out and tells Saga it's late, so he should really go home. Daisuke turns the corner. Saga grabs onto the boy, trying to think of some reason to make it possible for him to stay. Meanwhile, Funabashi notices something interesting about the floor (trapdoor, perhaps?).

Underground, Dark is rather upset to be forced to take the tunnels due to Saga. While Daisuke is rather worried about Saga noticing something about With, Dark trusts Emiko's abilities.

Back at the Niwa house, Saga talks to his people on the phone. On time, Dark appears at the church. With/Daisuke smiles back at Saga who must be upset at his theory being a dud.

At the church, both Daisuke and Dark haven't a clue as to what the "Second Hand of Time" looks like. As they search, Dark asks Daisuke what the story of "Ice and Snow" is about. Basically, it's about the son of a feudal lord (Eliot) and a village girl (Freedert) that fall in love despite the difference in status. They were happy together, but then a war began. Freedert believed Eliot's words that he'd return to her. Thus, she waited and prayed for his safety. Learning that he was hit by an arrow when he protected the last fortress that defended the village, she asked God to take her "time" in exchange for Eliot's "time", reviving him from death but bringing her own. His spilt blood turned into crimson flower petals, the kind which Freedert loved. Eliot returned to find the girl's deed and the price. He anguished over the lost. Touched by the show of mutual love, God created the "Second Hand of Time" to protect the village.

Dark decides the story is too nice, taking the cynical meaning of the title, which implies death. Reaching the room, Dark sees a girl floating above the stone. She suddenly releases a large wind with flower petals. The attack transforms Dark into Daisuke, the latter not being able to see what is happening (aka doesn't see the girl or flowers). From the force of the wind, Daisuke falls down and touches the slate despite Dark's warning. The girl whispers, "I accept your 'time'…"

Daisuke finds himself walking in snow, Dark along beside him. The snow falling on him isn't cold, and it feels like time has stopped. Daisuke realizes that this place is just like the world in his painting. Looking to his partner, Daisuke notices Dark has gotten further away.

Meanwhile, still in Daisuke's form, Dark yells at the boy not to leave. A pillar of ice juts out from the slate. Hiwatari enters the room, scaring a transformed Dark out through a window. Hiwatari is more fixated on the pillar of ice, wondering whose life it got the power from.


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