Zetsuai ~ 1989
{Zetsuai ~ 1989}

Author - Minami Ozaki :: Volumes - 5 :: Pub Date - 1990 ~ 1991
Publisher - Shueisha :: Comic Company - Margaret Comics

Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

As he jogs back to his apartment, Izumi comes across a long-haired man passed out along the side of the road. Some time later, Kouji wakes up to find Izumi sleeping next to him. Apparently, he had been very ill with a bad fever, and Izumi was trying to warm him up. After scolding the idiot for passing out in the rain, Izumi leaves him in the apartment so that he could get to soccer practice on time. Kouji (in a ridiculous disguise) decides to watch him play. Izumi's fierceness at soccer reminds Kouji of another Izumi he once saw playing soccer six years previous, but he knew that Izumi to be a girl, or so he had been told.

As the days go by, Izumi begins to show signs that he caught Kouji's cold. Despite Kouji's advice, Izumi is determined to play at the soccer game with his high fever. While Izumi is able to single-handedly win the game for his school, after the last shot, he collapses with Kouji just barely catching him. But losing his disguise in the rush to reach Izumi, Kouji is then recognized by all of the high school girls as a famous idol singer.  Later at the hospital, Kouji watches over the sleeping youth, and attracted to the passionate man, he almost kisses Izumi before he stops himself. Outside of the room, he hugs Izumi's sister tightly, reminding himself that he can't love a man.  The next day when Izumi wakes, he is shown an article that talks about Kouji and him at the soccer game. It goes on to mention a part of Izumi's background which he'd rather forget and leave in the past. Enraged, he yells at Kouji to leave, but the long-haired man isn't one to give up his obsessions easily.

Zetsuai 1989 certainly deserves its 'classic' fame within the yaoi genre. The characters don't easily accept their feelings for each other, and their backgrounds are rather unexpected. Although, with all the things Kouji does, it is a surprise that Izumi still wants to be within 20 meters of him. Talk about blind love. What I love most about the series (which is the case for many yaoi series) is the idea that Kouji and Izumi don't believe themselves gay ... they love each other for the person, who happens to be male. As Kouji says, if Izumi was female, an animal, a plant, or a machine, he'd continue to love him.

Rating - 8
Yaoi Rating - 2 -
There is one almost rape scene and the barest beginning of a sex scene at the end. Overall, there is only kissing and touching.

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