Yami no Matsuei
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Matsushita Yoko
Hakusen Sha
Hana to Yume
Amparo Bertram
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      In the land of death (Meifu), there exists the organization called Juuohchou which determines the placement of a person's soul based on whether they deserve reward or punishment. Tsuzuki Asato is a "salary man" in the Enmadaioh division that brings in dead people for their judgment day. The people working in the Enmadaioh, also called 'Shinigami' or Gods of Death, are those souls which still have a strong attachment to the living world, thus are able to move freely between the two planes of existence. But because of this strong attachment, the Shinigami have to work in pairs to be a check on each other.

Tsuzuki is a man who really wants a bonus, loves sweets (apple pie is a big favorite), and doesn't care to show his serious side. He is also the top Shinigami of the Enmadaioh, to the disappointment of his stressed-out boss. Tsuzuki has gone through many partners who can't handle his relaxed, secretive nature; and he's had over 70 years worth of experience with driving his partners away. And then he was paired up with Kuruosaki Hisoka. While their first meeting wasn't exactly friendly (Hisoka threatened to kill Tsuzuki), they soon settled into a hostile relationship. In their first case, Tsuzuki learns that Hisoka has empathic/telepathic powers, enabling him to 'see' and 'feel' the thoughts and emotions of those who touch him. While he can usually control these powers, when a person of strong emotions touches him (ie Tsuzuki), Hisoka becomes overwhelmed.

This is a manga series that has comedy lightly covering the serious drama beneath. Tsuzuki is a fun character with great powers, and only occasionally reveals the suffering he holds within his heart. The fact that he requires a partner despite him being the top man of his division leaves possibilities for interesting plots ahead. Plus, there appears to be some strong villains for the main characters to fight against (one being the man who killed Hisoka).

The slight drawback of the series is all the talking, making it difficult for the non-Japanese reader to understand the setting of the story. I highly suggest the translation/summaries at the links to the right to at least get the setting of the story and character backgrounds.

Rating -- 8


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