Weiss Kreuz
Volumes Available
Kyoko Tsuchiya
ISBN Numbers
1 ~ 4403660207
2 ~ 4403660215
      The manga form of Weiss Kreuz has so much potential, but only two manga have been released (to my knowledge), and the last one was published in 1998. The artwork is gorgeous with bishounen everywhere. Plus, the two books themselves are one-third artbook with color pictures. Getting the manga and artbook in one is certainly a great deal.

The story starts when Fujimiya Aya visits her brother Ran at his job to wish him a happy birthday. While there, the two of them see a news brief about their father on the TV, and it's not good news.  They go to the building that was shown on the report, and Ran notices a couple men that seem out of place. Suddenly, the building explodes.  While Ran is relatively untouched, Aya ends up falling into a coma. 

To avenge his family, Ran goes on a man hunt with his Japanese sword.  On top of a building, he accidently meets members of the assassin squad named WeiB Kreuz.  He is given the option to die or join them.  Trapped and frustrated, he agrees.  To the other members of the team -- Omi, Ken, Youji -- Ran is known only as Aya, taking his sister's name in his search for revenge.

The short manga series continues to give hits about all the characters backgroups, but nothing incredibly defined. The manga is a lot better than the anime, giving a feeling of smoothness and connectivity as compared to the tv series. But unfortunately, the series hasn't continued to prove whether or not Weiss Kreuz could have a good ending (in other words, unlike the anime). The reason for a rather low rating is the mere fact that it's annoying to get a manga series when it is likely there will never be another manga, let alone an ending.

Rating -- 7


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