Virgin Crisis
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Shinjo Mayu
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1 ~ 4091367534
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      Sakurai Miu desperately wants an older classman to fall in love with her. Unfortunately, so does every other girl in school. Feeling at a disadvantage with smaller breasts and childish looks, Miu decides to summon a demon to fulfill her wish for Amamiya Shion to become her boyfriend. Something goes wrong in the summoning and the girl ends up calling upon Satan himself. He finds her highly amusing and decides to help her, but her virginity will become her payment once the wish is granted.

To aid her, Satan hides his identifying points (ie wings, horns, etc) and changes everyone's memory to make them think he is Sakurai Kai, Mui's nonexistant sickly brother. Thus, at both school and home, 'Kai' is constantly able to taunt the teenage girl and to remind her of the future attractions for when she gets her wish. And when he does help Mui, it tends to have consequences that typically makes the girl wish she didn't have his 'aid'.

Some where along the way, Kai finds himself falling in love with the unremarkable girl. His taunts continue, but he does show his more tender and noble side as time goes on. Mui ends up in a bind to decide between Ayamiya, the person she has always had a crush on, and Kai, the man to introduce her to the passionate side of love.

This is a decent romance type story, though it doesn't really have a flare to it. The artwork has its gorgeous moments as well as 'eh' moments. Mostly, the relationship between Satan/Kai and Mui just doesn't stand out. The girl doesn't really do anything to earn the devil's love. It just kind of happens. But if you are in the mood for a fun shoujo series and if you enjoy Shinjo's works, this should be a good series for you.

Rating -- 7