Trigun Maximum
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Yasuhiro Nightow
Young King Comics
Shonen Gahou Sha
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      Warning! This is the sequel to Trigun, so spoilers may follow

The last we saw of our hero was his red coat flapping in the wind with the scarred moon looking down upon it. Meril and Milly, assuming the worst and yet hoping for the best, return to their head office. Wolfwood continues his usual roaming around. Knives' fate is as mysterious as Vash's.

-- 2 years later --

Wolfwood gets off the bus finding himself more or less trapped in the small town (the bus got blown to bits). He discovers from a bartender that Vash the Stampede and his gang terrorize the town. Just then, a long haired man (Erikusu) barges into the bar with a young teenage girl (Leena). The gang fires a shot into the bar demanding Leena to come out. Before anyone can decide what to do, Erikusu goes out to confront the gang, which is lead by a man who does appear to be Vash. Erikusu tells the men he is unable to let them have Leena and begs them to leave her alone. 'Vash' says he will do so if Erikusu strips and acts like a dog. Erikusu complies, revealing a very familiar scarred body (yes, Wolfwood notices this right away). As Erikusu barks and pants, 'Vash' tells the gang to leave, and as they leave, 'Vash' shoots Erikusu. Leena, running to help Erikusu, gets kidnapped.

After Erikusu is fixed up by the doctor, Wolfwood visits him privately, calling Erikuasu by his real name: Vash. Wolfwood returns a long lost friend to Vash, the gun he lost in the battle with Knives. Vash says, "How cruel...I really was liking this...this lifestyle." The two leave to rescue Leena, Vash reminding Wolfwood not to kill anyone. After a gun battle, only 'Vash' is left holding Leena captive. Needless to say, the real Vash shows him why the name is legendary. The hero has returned.

From here, Vash is reminded of his mission and destiny. Despite the tears from Leena, he leaves the life of peace he wish he could hold.

Trigun Maximum is awesome. I think it's better than the first triology. While the elements of humor are still all over the place, this manga series has a more serious, dramatic overtone. Nightow goes back to visit the past and hidden personalities of mainly Vash and surprisingly Wolfwood. One of my favorite scenes so far is where Wolfwood tries to convince Vash to kill him. And as the story continues, Vash seems to get more and more unstable as the pressure is piled on (who can blame him?). Vash has declared to never kill a man. If so, what will/can he do when he meets Knives next? It'll be interesting to see where this story leads.

Rating -- 8.5


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