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Yasuhiro Nightow
Shonen Captain Comics
Tokuma Shonen
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-Trigun Maximum
Vash the Stampede for the murder of Lebunant Vasques.

$$60,000,000,000, dead or alive.

Needless to say, with such a high reward on his head, Vash is a very popular man. Bounty Hunters of all types search out this man, as well as a couple of insurance ladies. Once they find him...they swear that some mistake has been made. There doesn't seem to be any possible way that such an idiot could have a high bounty on his head. Despite his appearance, Vash does live up to his "human typhoon" reputation. While he refuses to take a human life, Vash the Stampede is an expert gunslinger. Most importantly, however, is his ability to dodge bullets, even at point blank range.

While the manga series appears to be set in western times, it actually takes place in the future on a distant planet. To quote the cover page, it's full of "deep space planet, future gun action." Vash, while seemingly relaxed and good-natured, has a dark past that drives him forward in search of revenge. Our hero has many secrets, and even some he doesn't know of himself due to selective amnesia.

While the ending seems very short and confusing, perhaps more is explained in Trigun Maximum (which I'm getting soon). The artwork isn't too wonderful, but the stories are fun and exciting. It's also hard to not love Vash, and the fights with some of the main villains are great. I highly suggest the anime series as well.

Rating -- 8


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