Tokyo Babylon
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Kadokawa Shoten
Asuka Comics
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      Subaru, the 13th head of the Sumeragi clan, has been trained in the art of onmyouji. People who have problems with hauntings and other supernatural events call upon Subaru's abilities. Overall, this teenage boy is a kind, quiet person who cares deeply for the people near him, and even for those souls he releases from earthly bounds.

His twin sister, Hokuto, is a loud voiced, happy-to-be-alive teenage girl...Subaru's exact opposite. She expresses herself by wearing the most outrageous outfits she can find, ranging for cat suits to a Queen of Hearts costume. Ironically, she also dresses Subaru, but lucky for him, she tones it down a bit to match her brother's personality. While she does know some onmyouji as a member of the Sumeragi clan, she is not as experiences as Subaru.

One day, when he failed to catch a crow he was chasing (he tripped and fell), Subaru met Seishirou, a gentle veterinarian. Hokuto constantly teases Subaru about the couple getting married, and to Subaru's dismay, Seishirou usually joins in the fun. Seishirou serves as a confidant and support to Subaru in many occations (not to mention saving his life a few times).

While the series starts off with some fun and spirit exorcising, it quickly developes into a drama about the darker side of human nature. Quoted on the back cover of every manga is the phrase, "Do you hate Tokyo?" Perhaps this could be extended into, "Do you hate the people of Tokyo." Beginning in volume two, Subaru's belief about the inherinent goodness of people is continually tested. Clamp covers several issues such as the treatment of the elderly and outcasts, desperation and hope, and the cost of trust.

Unfortunately, this series hasn't ended yet. Yes, Tokyo Babylon has finished, but Sumeragi Subaru's story continues into X/1999, another great work by Clamp. In this next series, Subaru meets a twin soul, another person who had to learn that living is so much more painful than death, and yet he must live for his "wish". I highly suggest that if you are reading X/1999, read Tokyo Babylon as well. It sets the background for Subaru and Seishirou making X/1999 even more worthwhile to read.

Rating -- 10