Steam Detectives
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Asamiya Kia
Jump Comics
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1 ~ 408851257X
2 ~ 4088512588
3 ~ 4088512596
4 ~ 408851260X
5 ~ 4088725999
6 ~ 4088726928
7 ~ 4088728580
8 ~ 4088730577
      "The Streets here are continually enshrouded in white mist. Steam rises from everywhere, obscuring the streets and buildings. Because coal was the only fuel available, this city developed an incredibly advanced steam technology. Unfortunately, evil-doers take advantage of this white fog to commit countless crimes and continually baffle the police. At night, the white mist shrouds the darkness, intimidating everyone. People call this city enveloped in mist, Steam City."

Narutaki is the son of the greatest detective known to Steam City, and he follows in his father's footsteps making a name for himself. While they don't exactly have a friendly first encounter, Ling Ling becomes Narutaki's sidekick. Along with her is Goriki, a robot powered by steam (called Megamons) which can operate under its own control, unlike normal Megamons. Goriki was Ling Ling's father's last invention.

While the "evil-doers" are a bit cheesy in the costume realm, there are actually some great fights. Narutaki is just darn cool. For a boy his age, he sure knows how to use a gun. But this series has yet to really catch my attention. The characters are fun, and there are some mysteries behind the main characters that I would like to know more about, but overall the story just isn't that original. It's a detective series (gee, could you guess that from the title "Steam Detectives"?). So if you love this genre, go ahead and try it out.

Rating -- 6


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