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Hiroshi Takashige & Ryouji Minagawa
Shonen Sunday Comics Special
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      According to legend, there once was an advanced civilization on Earth that held technology easily surpassing that of present scientific knowledge. Relics of this civilization have survived the test of time, but are dormant and hidden. Military organizations around the world want to dominate these powers, which range from controlling the weather, creating volcanic explotions, and even giving people superhero like powers. A message plate had been unearthed, written by a person from that long past era: "Protect our legacy from evil forces." One primary organization has taken this warning seriously - the ARCAM Foundation. The only goal of this group is to keep the advanced technology out of the hands of people who would cause worldwide destruction.

The main men who lead the front for ARCAM are those worthy enough for the title SPRIGGAN. The series focus is on teenager Ominae Yuu, a spriggan whose superhuman strength is increased more by special body suit of his. Despite his rather easy-going, male teen attitude, Ominae can cause serious damage to those who get too close. He also has a very fast learning curve. The other main spriggan of ARCAM is Jean Jacquemonde, a frenchman who transforms into beastman when he becomes wounded. Few can stop him when he is in that form.

Spriggan is a great series for anyone looking for a story with little plot and a ton of bloody battles. Ominae is a typical shonen character who knows he isn't smart, but that many things can be solved if he simply keeps pounding away at the bad guys. While he is only sixteen years old, Ominae's past has made him into an adult whose focus in life is to fight until you win or die. The series is formed of a bunch of stories about different relics and then the general murder of Ominae. And characters develope their bad-ass skills. Beyond that, there isn't much more.

This series has been released into graphic novels under the name of "Striker".

Rating -- 6