Sotsugyo M
Volumes available
5 (complete)
Kei Arisugawa & Yukiru Sagisaki
Kadokawa Shoten
Asuka Comics
ISBN Numbers
1 ~ 4049245930
2 ~ 4049246309
3 ~ 4049246576
4 ~ 4049246775
5 ~ 4046247062
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-Candidate for Goddess
      Sotsugyo M is a manga series about five teenage male students. There is really no connecting plot between the stories, except I have a feeling it may lead to them forming a band. I don't know which came first, but there is a dating game with the same title about these five guys (one of the voice actors is my favorite). It is from this that the voice actors got together and did some jpop CDs under the name E.M.U.

The stories range from normal teenager problems, to family issues, and even to events involving the super natural. The stories are fun, the artwork is great, and the main characters are very lovable. The reason for the low rating is that there's nothing to make you really want more of the series. Most other manga have an interconnecting plot, so when one manga ends horribly, you 'need' you the next one ASAP. This series is not like that.

Since there is no overall plot to speak of, might as well describe the main guys:

Arai Togo tires his hardest to be a rebel: he dyed his hair purple and pink, has piercings, rides a bike, and has an attitude. This need to stand out arises from the lack of attention his father (a famous fashion designer) gave him as a boy. Despite the image he wants to show, he is a very kind and caring guy, willing to do almost anything for his friends (although he does have to gripe about it). He is also the reincarnation of a prince (fun story).

Togo's rival is Shimon Takagi. He's smart, has exotic looks due to mixed blood, and does he best to out-class everyone around him. Togo and Shimon constantly fight each other to see who can get the pretty girl first (it doesn't matter who or where). Shimon ends up taking a modeling job.

Syo Nakamoto is the brains of the group. The top student and a piano player, Nakamoto tries to act indifferent, but actually pays close attention to those around him. He also hides the fact he feeds stray cats everyday wanting to appear unemotional. Nakamoto also has a mother who looks like she can be his sister, and he is a hypnotist.

With entirely too much energy, there is Yusuke Kato. To get closer to his teacher, Yusuke teaches a little league baseball team which has the teacher's younger brother as a pitcher. Yusuke is always the one who yells, jumps about, and gets angry when somebody won't 'let him see, too.' He is usually the last one to know/understand as well.

And lastly there's Mikimaro Shimura, the youngest looking of the group. Basically, this guy is just really happy. Always smiling and wanting to lend a hand, Shimura is usually put down for being too cheerful. He is always thinking about getting the guys to form a band.

Rating -- 6


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