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- Stigma
      This manga series is based off the Chinese legend, Saiyuki, but the author has taken poetic license to the limit...and maybe a bit further. Togenkyo is a holy land where humans and demons lived together in relative peace. Then with the combination of chemistry and magic, someone has attempted to raise Gyumao, a powerful demon king. The result is the beginning of Chaos. Demons have gone insane and have started to attack/mutilate humans, causing people to fear and despise all demons. Genjo Sanzo, the highest ranked monk, is called upon to journey West to learn what has happened to cause such horrid times. Joining him, whether he likes it or not, are three demons (Goku, Gojou, and Hakkai) who have maintained their sanity due to being patricianly human and with the help of other magical items.

I have just gotten into this series for the same reason as many other people: the character design just looks really interesting...just didn't look like the "normal" shoujo style. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. So far it's a mixture of eye candy and a lot of blood. While the characters are cool, the story so far has been rather cliché with the whole good demons being misunderstood type theme. But I still like the creativity of the author for this mixed-up world (ancient legend feel with modern era pleasures) he has created.

BTW, the characters are as follows (left to right in the pic above): Sanzo is a priest, smoker, and alcoholic; Son Goku is the always hungry, monkey boy used for comic relief; Sha Gojou is a heavy smoker, crude and rude; my favorite guy is Hakkai who is carefree, polite, and all around good guy...demon; and then there's Jeep, the tiny dragon with Hakkai that turns into *surprise* a jeep.

Rating -- 7


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