Rating System

Since I discovered that there seem to be people actually reading my reviews, I decided it was time to explain what the heck I'm thinking when I put up the rating for a manga series. There is of course my "give me a break" page, but I want to go a bit further into what the numbers mean.

10 This is a series that I hold dear to my heart and would suggest to anyone, even if they aren't the biggest manga fan. It's also a series I have probably re-read enough times to start quoting the Japanese. I consider the series to have a high quality of artwork, thorough character development, and most importantly an outstanding plot.
  Examples: Tokyo Babylon, Fushigi Yuugi
9-8 This is a series I love, but for some reason I don't think everyone in their right mind should try it. But again, the artwork is good quality, the characters are fun but realistic, and there is a plot I really enjoyed. Usually for this rating, I find the series ranks high in two of the three aspects that I look for in a manga series, but the third factor is lacking.

Examples: Ayashi no Ceres, Flame of Recca

7-6 I enjoy the series. If it's above a five, I've gotten into the series and will most likely by the entire series even if it's 30 volumes long. The 7-6 range is for the manga series that I like, but I don't think other people will enjoy it unless it really sounds like something they would like to read. Initial D is a prime example. I love the main character, but I highly doubt many people out there want to read a manga series about cars, cars, and some more cars.

Examples: Jigoku Sensei Nube, Fruits Basket

5-4 I just can't get into the series. I've tried (and I never try just one or two manga in the series), but for some reason I could not connect with the characters, horrible artwork drove me away, there is nothing special about the plot, and/or I just don't care for the plot whatsoever. I'm not saying you shouldn't try the series if it seems like something you would enjoy. Try it yourself! All I'm saying is that I don't seriously plan on getting any more of the manga series, especially when there are so many more series out there that I love.

Examples: Hana Yori Dango, Ah! My Goddess

3-1 Due to reasons I will list, you should avoid this series. It's a waste of tree life, unless you want to burn it for fuel. I rarely bash a series and would rather take neutral ground of 'I didn't like it, but you may'. But if a series drives me to give it this low of a rating, I have good reasons.

Examples: None, yet

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