The Manga Obsession


The Mission

From my love of anime came the obsession with its origins -- manga.  Here I have listed most of the manga I own, as well as some that have been given away in the past.  The reviews and summaries listed are my point of view about the series (see this page please) based on this rating scale.  If you want to know what the series is really like, try it for yourself.  I have tried finding links to good translations or summaries of these series, but if you know of a site or better site that I don't have listed, please message me with the link.

To reiterate since I've gotten several emails about the matter, this site only holds reviews, NOT the translations themselves.  When links are available, you must visit those sites for the actual translations.  I do not hold any translations on this part of my site.  Reviews ONLY.


Last Update


Shocks of shocks, I have decided to pay some attention to this part of my site.  Granted, I doubt that I'll be truly updating for some time, but at least I have some of my interest back to attempt putting this section back into shape.  Anywho, let me know about broken links since I'll be going back to edit my review sections and check on the translation links that are probably dead by now.  That said, please put up with me as I slowly work through this reconstruction.


Previous Updates


Added translation links to Angel Sanc, Berserk, DNAngel, Fruits Basket, Koko wa Greenwood, Neji, Recca no Houno, Saiyuki


Added translation links to the following: Bad Company, Berserk, Good Morning Call, KamiKaze.