The Young Magician
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Narushima Yuri
Wings Comics
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1 ~ 4403614248
2 ~ 440361454X
3 ~ 4403614760
4 ~ 440361504X
5 ~ 4403615279
6 ~ 4403615473
7 ~ 4403615783
8 ~ 4403616216
9 ~ 440361664X
      And here is yet another mystery manga that I have purchased. Anything I say from this point on about the story...well, don't believe me. I haven't actually sat down and forced myself to read the little details (aka plot) of the story just yet. Another project of mine.

In the first manga, the first main character introduced is Karuno. He is called to help Roselette talk care of Ernest 'Rem' Guino, aka the Hong Kong Jack the Ripper. Oddly enough, while he may be 'the' young magician of the series title, he despises 'real' magicians. Karuno knows some magic, but more importantly, he has the powers of a 'devil'. The only person that can control him and his desires is Roselette Guino. When both were children, she adopted him into her family, thus giving him the name Karuno Guino. In actually, Karuno is an orphan with a horrible past, including various people trying to kill the young boy until he was 'saved' by the Holy Knights and Roselette. FYI, Karuno is American and says he cannot speak Japanese.

Another 'young magician' of this series is a bishounen and all around nice guy by the name of Ibuki. Actually, he has holy powers, but Karuno considers anyone who uses magic to be a magician. Ibuki works a part time job at a small grocery store, and this is where he first meets Karunou. Ibuki has a younger brother, Yuuta, who was attacked by some kind of curse. Ibuki just barely avoids the attack and then seals the curse with the help of Yuuta's secret notebook (a very odd scene).

After this occurrence, the Holy Knights find Ibuki to be a dangerous person. They send Karuno out to kill him. Ibuki recognizes Karuno and attempts to speak English to him. He tells Karuno, "I miss you." Of course, this isn't what he meant to say, but the words trigger memories in Karuno's mind. While this is happening, Karuno leads Ibuki to a shrine. Just when he pulls a gun on Ibuki, Yuuta shows up and gets thrown by Karuno's powers. At this point, Ibuki recognizes Karuno to be nonhuman. He places a spell on the devil (I think it was to get rid of the gun)....and that's where the third manga ends.

Before you get mad at me for ruining the first three manga of the series, I believe this is just the beginning. Plus, a lot more happens than what I have described here. I'm just talking about the two main characters ... there is much more happening around them (most of which I don't really understand at this time).

Rating -- 6


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