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      Imadoki! is the latest series by Yuu Watase. It so far looks to be a fun romance series like Shishunki Miman Otokowari. The story begins when Tanpopo and her pet fox Popura go to visit her new school. Since there is no school that day, the gates are closed, so Tanpopo gets in the hard way--she jumps her bike over the fence. Lucky for Tanpopo there's soft landing...on a really cute boy. He was there planting flowers when he was rudely interrupted. Tanpopo tells him about her plans to make tons of friends at this new school, which she got into via exams. The guy says quietly that there is no chance of that happening. Just when Tanpopo is about to leave, she notices a cut on her leg. The bishounen tenderly wraps the wound with his handkerchief.

The next day is the first day at the new school for Tanpopo. She quickly finds out that the school is full of children from rich families. Entering into this school through exams is looked down upon, thus Tanpopo is mocked. She then recognizes the boy from the previous day, but Kugyou Kouki acts as if he never met the girl. It turns out that he is the son of a very wealthy family, thus all the students try to please him. The school even has fake flowers instead of real ones due to his allergies. Tanpopo, remembering the kind person she met the day before, vows to make him her friend.

The story continues with a show of Tanpopo's sheer openness and friendliness even "in this day and age" (a translation of "ima doki"). Eventually, she finds her way into, or rather barges into Kugyou's heart, becoming the first real friend he has probably ever had. The story gets even better once "Lunatic-chan" shows up (I love that guy). And yes, there are tons of love triangles in this story, as required for Watase-sensei's stories. Fortunately, it's a shorter series, so working out the triangles isn't too difficult. Also, in the last volume there is a cute, unrelated short story "Sunde ni Touch!". It is just a sweet story that I like for some odd reason.

Rating -- 7


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