Hana Yori Dango
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Kamio Yoko
Margaret Comics
      I have read 4 mangas of this series and I'm just not impressed.  It's very shojou, about a poor girl who goes to a rich school.  At this school, the four cutest/richest guys, known as the F-4, rule over the student body.  Defending a friend, Tsukushi decides to fight back against them.  In doing so, she is shunned by all at the students at the school by the decree of the F-4. Even the friend Tsukushi sacrificed herself for can't get too close. Eventually, Tsukushi finds herself having a crush with one of those guys, while another of the F-4 guys falls in love with her.

Overall, the drawing style isn't great, the story is slow, and the characters aren't too lovable.  There wasn't anything that made me want to read more, thus I stopped at the forth manga.  Maybe it got better (at least I've been told it gets really good), but I didn't want to wait around and find out. I just couldn't connect with a single character, thus going further in the series did not seem like a good option. But if you really enjoy any shoujo style manga, this should be good for you.

Rating -- 5