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      The series starts with Chidori Kaname finishing up a nice, steaming shower. She goes into her bedroom to find a cockroach skittering along the floor. When she screams at the intruder, a young man in military fatigues comes crashing through the window with gun in hand. Sagara Sosuke asks Chidori about the intruder, and as the towel slips off the girl, Sosuke gets slapped for it.

This is a series where an overly serious, young sergeant is given the task to protect Chidori. Unfortunately, Sosuke hasn't lived his life in a typical school setting despite his approximate 16 years in age. He does everything with a military protocol in mind, to Chidori's dismay. The series is full of amusing scenes such as Sosuke blowing up the lockers incase there was a bomb inside, tackling a teacher who was going to throw a piece of chalk at Chidori, and crashing through windows at any scream the girl lets out, even if it's while complaining about Sosuke.

Aside from the slapstick (or is that bashing harisen) type humor, this series does have a serious side which typically coincides with its mecha side. It is this part of the story that has plot to it aside from the odd romance between Chidori and Sosuke (she's the only one who can handle him, really). Turns out Chidori is a 'Whispered' or a person who somehow can 'recall' detailed information about mecha, especially concerning the lamba drive which shouldn't exist but does. There is also the serious background of Sosuke, a Japanese boy that somehow ended up in the wars of the middle east, fighting for his survival.

All in all, this series has a little for everyone. There are the hilarious 'romance' scenes, although Sosuke really hasn't a clue how to handle a girl, and the mecha battles that usually involves Sosuke saving Chidori from some terrorist. The artwork is good, especially for the shonen genre, and the side characters add much more fun to the series. Currently the manga seems more comedy based than the anime series, but this could change in later volumes. Either way, I suggest checking out both.

Rating -- 8


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