Fancy Love
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Aoki Sou
Be Boys Comics
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1 ~ 4835210638
      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

Fancy Love is a collection of five stories.

- Fancy Love - Kouzuki witnesses a pick pocket get beaten as . What else does he do except bring this young man home with him. Luckily, both are gay and don't mind who is on top. Although a rather emotionless guy, Kouzuki ends up falling in love with the much more cheerful Kamiya. There's trouble when Kouzuki overhears Kamiya talking about Kyouhe.

- Otogi Knight - A cute little fancy story in which a king has to send his first born child at the age of thirteen to the dragon king with the company of the kingdom's bravest hero. Although the dragon king requested the teenage boy, who does he really want?

- Aru Hareta Hi ni - This is a story about younger brother loving older brother more than he should. Hiroaki accidentally came across his older brother, Yasutaka, having sex with a girlfriend. From that day on, he wishes he could give his brother that much pleasure himself. The night before he leaves for college, he decides to go for it.

- Geshi no Yoi - As it says on the cover page, it's a story based off of a Midsummer's Night Dream. Just with a yaoi flare.

- Sex, Rumors, and Polaroid - A high school romance about a bet turned to love. Kurosaka is the master at getting hentai shots of the ladies with his polaroid camera. He makes a bet with a friend to get Kakihara in a photo making him seem the homosexual. Thus Kurosaka turns his charms onto the track star, trying to gain Kakihara's confidence. There is an epilogue "Atsu Yamai" of this couple.

The artwork is great for most of the stories, but since these are really short, there's little lead up as to why these people want each other, giving a PWP feel. My favorite story is the last one for it's more realistic nature and actual character development.

Rating -- 7

Yaoi Rating -- 7 -- In each story, there is sex, but not very graphic. The higher rating is because of somewhat lack of reason (close to a PWP) for the sex.


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