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Yuiga Satoru
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      Within Ashuram is a military type organization that manipulates children to do their dirty work. The children are young teens who exhibit psy powers. One such boy is Kai, a young man who doesn't want to kill with his powers (he controls water), but he has join the organization for the sake of his sickly sister who holds great, but uncontrollable psy powers. Kai lives with a pair of maternal twins, Shenlong and Shinlo. Shinlo loves Kai, but her brother is the hostile sort who doesn't care about anyone but himself and his sister.

Kai is tricked into a mission that he believes is a mission to suppress rebels, but it is truly a mass murder of a city outside Ashuram city walls. It's a case of kill many innocents to be certain to kill the few dangerous rebels. Perhaps also to show the power of Ashuram. Within this mission, Kai saves a young girl, but it ends up costing his partner her life. He is also almost killed by these same people who think they want to do something to the little girl. They call him a monster.

Later in the mission, Kai confronts Shenlong, who has gone crazy while trying to protect his sister. He sees normal humans as worthless anyway, so their deaths don't bother him as they do Kai. In their battle against each other, Shenlong manages to cause destruction of the city as the mission planned. Kai is knocked unconscious by the blast that kills many innocent people.

Kai awakens to find himself in a rebel base. Only a young girl who saved him from the river trusts him. The others are wary of the boy's power. Kai's thoughts dwell on the existence or lack of humanity within himself.

My basic opinion of this manga is only based on the first volume, so it may not be valid. But it has a very cliché feeling to it. "Super Human" versus "Human". "Super Human with Love of Human Life" versus "Super Human with Hatred of Human Life". That sort of stuff. Of course, the sickly but powerful younger sister is a prisoner plot is here, too. Maybe later there will be an original twist to the story, but I don't see it right away. The artwork is nice, but it really isn't enough of a reason to get the series if the plot doesn't pick up.

Rating -- 5.5


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