Epotoransu! Mai
{Epotoransu! Mai}

Author - Yuu Watase :: Volumes - 2 :: Pub Date - 1995
Publisher - Shogakukan :: Comic Company - Flower Comics

For her fifteenth birthday, Mai gets an organizer type pocket computer. One day while falling off the bed, she accidentally types in the word 'Epotoransu'. This keyword summons "the genie of the pocket computer" named Takuma. He serves Mai mainly as a confidant, but he also gives her the ability to change into any person she pleases. Now, Mai has a crush on Nimura who is a rather unique individual a star soccer player, an intelligent student, and an anime freak (he loves wearing masks for Sailor Moon, etc, at school every now and again). Using the new ability Takuma grants her, Mai tries to win the heart of Nimura, even if he thinks she is somebody else. In the end, it may be her own charm that eventually attracts the young man, and Takuma as well.

This is yet another fun, romantic series by that genius/torturer Yuu Watase. Unfortunately, the series only two volumes long, but it is still a very worthwhile series with both the sweet story and fun characters. Btw, some of the character designs may remind you of other Watase creations (Tasuki and Tamahome are the obvious ones). Despite the limited amount of space, this series is still filled with the typical Watase magic, but is would have been even better if it had a few more manga to build up the plot.

Rating - 8

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  01 ~ 4091363512 02 ~ 4091363520  

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