Campus Cop Duklyon
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2 (complete)
Kadokawa Shoten
Newtype 100% Comic
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Wherever people gather, incidents will certainly occur.
Feeling the need to protect the "campus" in which eccentrics have gathered, the school's founders formed a "secret organization."
It is formed of useful people who have sworn to quickly solve cases that occur within the school and to protect the peace of the community as well.
They are the CLAMP Campus Special Guard Unit, or Campus Guard Duklyon for short.

Sounds like an ordinary "teens that can summon armor" story to you? Shame on you. Never underestimate Clamp's power to create a strange story. Our two heroes are freshman Higashikunimaru Kentarou and Shuukaidou Takeshi. The "relationship" between these two is a one-sided love, with Kentarou constantly planning their wedding and Takeshi wondering why he is always around the other (although this could be due to Kentarou latching onto him). A fellow classmate and a rather sickly person, Sukiyabashi Kotobuki truly enjoys watching the two interact.

At anytime, however, when a certain song plays over the intercom, our two heroes have to rush to the secret base to receive orders. Their commander is a second year female student Chuusonji Erii, who is really harsh on the two lower classmen. The boss of secret group is of course the school president, Nokoru, who is possibly worse than he is in Clamp Campus Detectives. With orders received, Kentarou and Takeshi form their red and blue armor respectively. Their typical number one villain is obviously Sukiyabashi dressed up, but everyone is an idiot on the Clamp Campus, so nobody figures this out until it's said out loud. After some talking back and forth, the battles themselves are usually short with a few sword strokes and a large explosion ending the whole thing (of course the good guys always win).

It is always amazing how Clamp, the goddesses of tragedy, can create such utterly insane and hilarious stories as well. The series is obviously mocking the typical shonen stories in which battles last much longer than a couple pages and villains/heroes are better disguised. There are great cameo appearances and the 'evil' monsters are wonderful (yay! for the cuddly sheep of doom). The best part of the story has to be the interaction between Kentarou and Takeshi. One has to wonder if Takeshi truly hates the attention he receives from Kentarou, especially since they are still together after graduating school. It is a shame the series is only two volumes long, but it could have been Clamp just trying something for fun.

Rating -- 9