Dragon Knights
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Ohkami Mineko
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-Gekki Kajin Lumen Lunae
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      Our heroes are introduced during their favorite pass time - arguing. The three-some have just finished their mission of defeating Nadiru, a powerful demon. The 'focused' one of the group, Rune, wants to return home as soon as possible to present the Dragon Emperor with the severed head of the demon. Rath and Thats however are more distracted as they journey home, taking side quests in order to kill demons and find treasures. At the inn, Cesia figures the three arguing fools would be easy food for her step-mother, a man-eating witch who is oddly called "Papa-sama". However Cesia fails, not expecting them to be a group of dragon knights, people that can summon and control dragons. The witch is killed and Cesia becomes homeless. After several more odd side quests, the three knights do get back to the Drakun palace, which is the starting place for new adventures and mysteries about the past of the heroes.

Dragon Knights is a hilarious fancy story. You know it's fun when (at least) Rath's dragon uses cue cards to speak to his master. Ohkami-sensei does a good job of keeping the readers on their toes with funny moments popping up at random. The artwork is good within the first few volumes, with great potential to be gorgeous as the story continues. The only problem is the difficulty of Japanese. There isn't much furigana (for those who read some Japanese like me) and there aren't manga translations that I've seen beyond the link to the side. However, graphic novels of this series are coming out for those who care for them.

Rating -- 8


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