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      Yagasaki Hiroyuki has fallen in love with his senpai and elder by a year, Okada Haruna.  Carrying Okada into an equipment room, he confesses his love for his senpai and asks if he would go out with him.  In his typical manner, Okada replies 'sure' to the disbelief and joy to the dark-haired youth.

Thus, their relationship begins.  While Yagasaki is truly infatuated with his senpai, Okada seems to treat the coupling in a rather laid back manner, as if they were merely friends that touched a little more than usual.  Eventually, Yagasaki catches Odaka kissing a female student.  Taking the good guy way of thinking, he tells Odaka that they should break up.  While he replies the same 'sure' as when they got together, Odaka ends up crying, unable to stop the high flow of tears.  It takes him a few moments before the dense boy realizes it's because they are breaking up that he is crying and starts blaming Yagasaki.  When he points out he saw Odaka kissing Sonohara, the older teen looks confused by the name (he did it on a whim for the girl) and then tells Yagasaki that he has the right to be upset.  This, especially from the crying Odaka, makes him realize that he really likes his senpai.  And so they stay a couple.

This is an amusing and sweet series, the title having a couple meanings - I want to hug you, or I want to have sex with you.  Odaka is completely and utterly dense, but once something has been shoved into his head, it doesn't escape.  One other time Yagasaki considers breaking up with his older boyfriend (for good reason, of course) and Odaka punches him for even thinking it.  Meanwhile, Yagasaki is constantly protecting his senpai from the other men that want to take him away.  While the artwork is only okay, the characters are adorable and there are a few hilarious scenes.  Overall, though, it's kind of cliché.

Rating -- 6.5

Yaoi Rating -- 2 -- There is some heavy kissing and lead ups to sex, but we aren't allowed to watch. *pout*


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