Cross Oneself
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Amakawa Sumiko
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1 ~ 4049246813
2 ~ 4049247356
3 ~ 404924778X
4 ~ 4049247828
5 ~ 4049248425

'Takara, why do you refuse to cross yourself? It's an important thing to do.'
'But...it gives me a bad feeling. It's like something wants to come out of my body.'

Amakusa Takara, a junior in high school, is skilled in the practice of exorcism. With his father, exorcist Father Gerald, Takara helps those who have been plagued by the ill deeds of demons. Takara doesn't rely solely on his exorcism ability taught to him by his father. This young man has been blessed and cursed with the ability to produce the 'holy cross' from his forehead. With this cross, demons are banished into the abyss where they belong. The cross is called forth whenever Takara crosses himself (the dialogue at the top of the page is between a young Takara and his father). So far, the process seems to bring Takara close to the line between sanity and insanity, as well as causing him physical pain.

One person that asks Takara for assistance is 22-year-old Matsuri Shizuha . Shizuha's body can produce, seemingly at random, the ancient writings of the 'scripture'. For this reason, she is targeted by demons and cults alike. She seeks Takara's aid when her parents become controlled by one such cult.

After this first episode, Shizuha is strongly attracted to the younger man. She becomes a teacher at his school to be near him. But Takara is an unaffectionate person who has little interest in her. He would protect a person with his life, but he cannot bring himself to open his heart. Despite this, Shizuha continues to follow him with the excuse she's helping her students, while she truly wishes to protect Takara.

I haven't gotten very far into this series yet, but there is certainly potential. The artwork is ranges from beautiful to "eh", especially Takara. The best part about it is the "play" with religion. Takara has certainly been blessed/cursed with the mysteries of religion, but he doesn't flaunt it nor does he even seem to think of these things as anything more than a bother.

Rating -- 7


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