Cinderella (Boy)
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Shiho Sugiura
Tousui Sha
Ichisuki Comics
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1 ~ 4887410417
      Warning!! This is a GUY X GUY series. Don't bother with this series if you don't like yaoi!

From two thousand people, one person was chosen as the best model in Japan -- Nishimuro Shiki, also known as Cinderella Boy.

Though 23 years old, Nakamori Kasumi looks much like a high school student with his wide eyes and emotional responses. By chance on his first day to work, he overhears a discussion between Shiki and his manager. The mature looking 18 year old isn't happy with his latest attendant. Irritated with the spoiled boy, his manager tells him to pick someone out for himself. Of course, he picks Kasumi at random.

Shiki is highly amused by the older man looking much younger. He calls him 'Kasumi-chan' and does anything to get a reaction from him. When he traps the guy, almost kisses him, and then calls it a joke, the model is slapped. The next day, Shiki changes his attitude to his attendant, and declares he likes him in a rather offhanded manner.

The story continues with Shiki trying to convince Kasumi that he really does like him and isn't simply mocking the guy. Eventually, Kasumi believes the model, but then decides it isn't his place to become involved with such a high status person. This is a cute romance story, certainly a Shiho genre.

The second story in this manga is "The Clearing of Rain". The first part is an older style artwork for Shiho, but still hers. The story is about a man who pays a long haired boy for sex. The first time they meet, the boy declares the rule that no real names can be used. Something about the boy made Hiyama fall in love, so he refuses the second time they meet to pay him for sex. The boy sees this as the older man deciding he is worthless, so he runs off before Hiyama tries to explain.

This is just another romance story by Shiho. It has the idea that the third chance meeting is 'destiny' and leads to 'love'. But it's hard for the younger man to bind himself completely to this love. It's almost to short to really enjoy the story.

Rating -- 7.5

Yaoi Rating -- 1 -- Nothing more than kissing and the mention of sex.


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