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      In the future, there are "Pasokon" (personal computers) that are in the shape of human girls. These pasokons are rather expensive, and certainly not in the budget for Motosuwa Hideki. He is a student, working for his tuition and rent at a job in a bar. One night walking home from work, Hideki finds a pasokon among some trash and tied up. At first he mistakes the pasokon as a murder victim, but he soon recognizes the 'ears' that all pasokon have. Seeing no one around, Hideki decides God is being kind to him and giving the poor student his grandest wish. He carries her home with the readers shown a disk left behind.

The story shows its "genre" when Hideki has to turn on the pasokon by flipping the switch in her unmentionable. The computer's eyes open, and she says, "Chi". Hideki asks if that is her name, and she simply glomps onto him, happily hugging her new master. In that way, they fall asleep. Hideki soon realizes that all the pasokon can say is "chi" with various emotions. With all his creativity, he gives her the name "Chi" (guess he figures she should be able to say her own name). Eventually, he finds out there is something strange about Chi: when other pasokons try to connect with her or some just get near her, they shut down. She also shows emotions in a way that doesn't happen with pasokons. A friend of Hideki finds a picture of Chi with the word "Chobits" on it. While the 'girl' is identical to Chi, she says it isn't her.

This is certainly not the typical CLAMP story, nor artwork. But it's a fun read simply because Chi is so darn cute! Poor Hideki is such a nice guy, but he can't help being male. It doesn't help when Chi continually finds his porn videos and magazines, which she tries to imitate since Hideki must like it. The mystery within the story is great as well. There's a picture book series that Chi loves to read, but it worries Hideki for some reason he doesn't even understand. The series gets better with every manga since it starts off somewhat cliché, but as the plot goes deeper into the little mysteries surrounding Chi, it feels more and more like another CLAMP masterpiece.

Rating -- 8