The Candidate for Goddess
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Sugisaki Yukiru
Wani Book
Gum Comics
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Sotsugyou M
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1 ~ 4847032543
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5 ~ 484703421X
      "After the crisis of systems (Lost Property), the Mankind lost their home planet. Their last hope was to get 'Zion', the only planet that remained intact."

The enemy threatening humankind is ironically called "Victim". Protecting Zion from Victim are the five "Goddesses", battle mecha that go by the official name of Ingrid. And Zero-Enna really wants to pilot one. At a young age, his life (along with others of the colony) was saved by a white Ingrid. Whether from childish excitement or from the pieces of his future he saw that day, Zero decides to leave home and become a pilot. Probably due to the fact he has EX powers (his specialty is disappearing/moving very quickly), Zero becomes a candidate for the pilot of a Goddess. He goes to an academy with other boys his age, each having their own unique personality, and all there to learn about becoming a possible pilot (there can only be five pilots at any one time).

But Zero can be easily singled out from the crowd. He doesn't have "Atomics" in his body, which surprises many people (they never do say exactly what Atomics are, though). Zero is also "accepted" by an Ingrid and taken inside for something close to a painful acid trip. The original pilot for that specific Ingrid is shocked that his Goddess would want to "chose" another. Zero eventually gets pulled out roughly, and the real pilot uses the Ingrid without problems. Zero is also generally a happy-go-lucky guy within a group of serious boys.

The anime and manga for this series seem to follow very closely. Hopefully, though, the manga will actually have a complete ending unlike the short animation series. Being by Sugisaki, you know this series will have a bunch of bishounen, practical jokes, and hidden drama.

Rating -- 7


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