~~ A friendly reminder to ~~


This page is to warn you that: I AM A FEMALE HUMAN BEING.  Being female, I love and sometimes prefer shojou type manga (ie Fushigi Yuugi, Karekano).  Being human, I have opinions.  No, my opinion is not law, although sometimes I wish it could be. So if you disagree with my rating of a particular manga series, good for you!  Seriously, I'm very glad you like the series.  For some reason which I hope I explained in the review, I didn't find <insert series name> enjoyable.  I started this web page to give people ideas of what manga I have personally liked (and in some cases, did not like) and they might as well.  You are always free to email me and tell me your thoughts about a certain series, just please don't get upset with me.  I won't change my mind just because you tell me I'm wrong.

This has been a public service announcement by a lazy manga fan.