Tenshi Kinryoku
{Angel Sanctuary}

Author - Kaori Yuki :: Volumes - 20 :: Pub Date - 1995 ~ 2001
Publisher - Hakusen Sha :: Comic Company - Hana to Yume

Mudou Setsuna is not the average teenage boy: he never receives a serious wound despite the fights and accidents he gets into; he faints at the mere sight of blood; and he loves his sister, Sara, not as he should. Always nearby is Setsuna's senpai and best friend, Kira. While the older teen believes himself rather unemotional, whenever Setsuna is in danger, Kira is there. As for Sara, she is the typical cute, over emotional girl who is also torn between her sisterly love for Setsuna and the true love she has for her brother.

Despite it all, Setsuna is a very happy, hormone-rich guy ... who also happens to be a reincarnation of Alexial, a fallen angel doomed to live one tragic life after another. Alexial's brother, Rociel, has also reappeared on Earth to get back his sister, the factor of Setsuna's death not important to the feminine looking man. Along with this high angel out to kill him, Setsuna has to worry about Evils, other high angels, and various other demons who have connections to Alexial. There is also Adam Kadamon who constantly nags Setsuna to save him.

The true story begins when his beloved Sara is taken from him, forcing Setsuna to journey from the lower regions of Hell to the higher levels of Heavens in search of her. During this time, Setsuna also has to deal with becoming the messiah, saving his friends (and the occasional enemy), and somehow keeping his soul intact. As his journeys go further, one by one his supports fall apart beneath him, but Setsuna is still able to continue forward.

Kaori Yuki is amazing. Not only is the artwork gorgeous, but the story and characters are very well done. There are always new twists and turns to keep the story exciting, as well as the simple moments to get a good look at the characters' personalities. Unfortunately, the story is too complex to understand it through simply looking at the lovely drawing, so translations are a must if you don't understand much Japanese.

Rating - 9

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