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Picture by Vejiicakes
December 2007
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Suk's Notes - Vejiicakes (formerly Vejiita4eva) was a complete loon who offered to do doodles as Christmas presents to people on her list.  Yes, this is apparently her definition of a "doodle". *shakes head*  Better yet, before Yaoi Con, I begged her for a physical print of the lovely Squall she did for 'For Nothing, For Everything'.  Her printer died, so no luck at that point.  Then she was going to send it with this "doodle", even wrote an apology on her card that it took so long,... and forgot to include it.  I just laughed.  And now I have a lovely excuse to get a Midnighter/Apollo commission from her.  Brilliant!

And anywho, this sketch is too much fun.  I can completely imagine it being Christmas Eve and Seifer trying to be somewhat romantic while warming his lover... And Squall tells him, "Well, are you going to fuck me or what?  I don't have all night." *laugh*  I love my boys so much.  Love is so simple with them.