Broken Wings                          

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Picture by R.A.
August 2004
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Suk's Notes - Heh, I shamelessly admit to writing Ruth's request story with the single purpose of getting her to draw Seifer with shiny gold scales.  I'm so happy that she likes to indulge me and my whims.  But back to the picture - I like to imagine this one with Seifer waking up at night, hating his scales and his foolish for serving the sorceress who changed him.  Then Squall wakes up, at first annoyed at being cold, and then really irritated at seeing the blond sulking at the mirror.  One wing lifting high, Squall motions the blond back to bed, the simple movement being everything Seifer needs to know where he can find love and salvation...  *grin* Have I mentioned that Ruth hates it when I get sappy? *Mwahahahaha*