Blind Sight                               

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Picture by R.A.
December 2003
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Suk's Notes - Another wonderful picture connecting our favorite blond with the fire element that looks so good on him.  And believe it or not, the designs on his body actually mean something!  To quote Ruth:

The first sentence would go around his back but you just can see parts of it on his one side. You can see the beginning of 'BREAKE' - 'shall' you can't see this one 'YOUR' is the one beneath the first and 'heart' you can't see either. Now the circled signs around his arms. Left arm first - from your point of view. 'ACHE, YOUR' and right arm 'BONES' Then come the two on his collarbone left first 'TEAR, YOUR' other side 'FLESH' Chest and the little sign right in the middle beneath his chest - where the solar plexus would be. Left middle right. 'SCREAM YOUR SOUL' And the single long sign written downwards along his stomach means 'FOR YOU ARE MINE' 'OBEY'

Isn't Ruth incredible?  Aside from the fact that I can hardly draw, I never would spent so much energy putting meaning into those symbols.