Blind Sight                               

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Picture by R.A.
October 2003
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Suk's Notes - And this is the first picture Ruth sent me where I first began questioning her psychic abilities to guess where I was headed with my stories.  Here are the translations to the symbols as quoted from Ruth:

Okay here is the translation, it may not match with the English translation you will find in a holy bible - it is a free!! translation.

Let's start with the big circle on top. '"HE" has forced and pushed me into darkness, not into light.' (HE - is the destiny, the mighty power or whatever you want to call it)

Left circle. 'In darkness "HE" lets me live among the dead'

Right circle. '"HE" pushed me out of peace, I've long forgotten what luck feels like.'

The circle behind Squall '"HE" has build a wall around me, I can't escape, "HE" has chained me in heavy fetters.'

Right elypse (big) 'My eye crys and doesn't rest - it won't stop'

Left elypse (big) 'My eyes exhausted of tears, inside I burn'

Left elypse (small) '"He" is good to those who have hope for him' (Haha don't lose your faith in destiny - Squally-boy)

Right elypse (small) 'This I will take to my heart, this I await.'

Now the elypse in front '"But" Whenever my soul thinks of it, it is depressed' ("But" is not in the text)

Ruth came up with these sentences when I was only three chapters into 'Blind Sight' when she couldn't have known Squall was technically immortal and that Seifer had inadvertently cursed the seer to that fate.  I was worried that I was being overly predictable with the story, but Ruth assured me that she picked the sentences at random because they sounded good.  Hmmm, I wonder if she was just trying to make me feel better. *laugh*